Olivia Korenberg: Seann William Scott’s Beautiful Bride

The name Olivia Korenberg started to gain wide recognition recently when the media revealed that she’s the wife of the famous actor Seann Scott. 

The interesting thing is that Korenberg has independently had massive success as an interior designer and event planner, unrelated to her husband’s career. 

In this post, we’ll shed light on the life of the renowned interior designer and the wife of Seann Scott, Olivia Korenberg.

Olivia Korenberg’s Early Life

Olivia Korenberg was born in California in December 1989. There’s no available information about her family.

Korenberg obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French in 2010. Then, she earned a master’s degree in interior architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2012 at the age of 24.

Olivia Korenberg’s Career

Olivia Korenberg's Career

Korenberg is an event planner and interior designer. She has been working in the design industry since 2009. She’s known for being a creative damsel. 

She started her interior design career as a design assistant. Then, she worked as a project manager at Katie Fie Design. 

Afterward, she co-founded a company called Twofold LA with her business partner, Jenn Pablo. This business is a boutique design firm for event planning and commercial and residential interior designs.

Because of the co-founders’ vast expertise in design, they tailored their designs to each client’s requirements. As a result, they produced exceptional designs that combined functionality and aesthetics. 

Over time, the company gained recognition and designed many weddings and huge events. Today, Twofold is a well-recognized interior design business in LA. 

Some reports stated that Korenberg left the company in 2019. She wrote an Instagram post regarding this event.

In her post, she said that she had worked on creating memorable experiences for the company’s clients for nearly 8 years. She also added that she remembered the first-ever wedding she designed in the company.

Korenberg ended the post by stating that when she was 23, she had no idea about running a business and its challenges, but now she knows it very well.

Olivia Korenberg’s Age

Olivia Korenberg will celebrate her 34th birthday in December 2023. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

Olivia Korenberg’s Net Worth

Olivia Korenberg's Net Worth

No accurate reports are available about Olivia Korenberg’s net worth. Nonetheless, some media reports state that her fortune is estimated to range between $500,000 and $600,000. 

She amassed most of this net worth from her former design company’s profit.

Olivia Korenberg on Instagram

Olivia Korenberg’s Instagram account is another indication of her preference for privacy. 

Korenberg’s account is currently private. That way, no personal or professional updates about her are available to the public.

The Relationship Between Olivia and Scott 

In 2019, Scott broke the news that he’s married to a pretty woman. This was only 3 weeks after he revealed to US Weekly that he had been dating a wonderful girl for a while. 

However, he didn’t mention her name or any details about the relationship. That’s why it’s unknown when Olivia and Scott started dating. 

Only little information is known about Korenberg and Scott’s relationship so far. It seems the couple decided to keep their private life under wraps. 

Olivia Korenberg’s Husband: Seann William Scott

Scott is an American actor. He’s well-known for his unique ability to portray comic characters. You’re probably familiar with him and his renowned role in the film American Pie as “Steve Stifler.”

Scott was born in Minnesota in 1976. He began his career as an actor in the 1990s. His first media appearance was on television shows like Sweet Valley High

He continued to appear in minor roles for a while. In 1999, Scott’s career took off when he played the role of  Steve Stifler in the American Pie film. 

The movie achieved wild success, and Scott was invited to star in the sequel seasons in 2001, 2003, and 2012.

Scott also had a leading role in the movie Dude, Where’s My Car? In addition, he starred in Bulletproof Monk in 2003.

Besides the above works, Scott played significant roles in the following movies:

  • Final Destination (2000)
  • Southland Tales (2006)
  • Role Models (2008)
  • The Promotion (2008)
  • Goon (2011)

Olivia Korenberg’s Husband Seann William Scott

Wrapping Up

Olivia Korenberg is an American interior designer from California. She kicked off her design career in 2009.

She earned a master’s degree in interior architecture in 2012. The designer had achieved wild success in her career before tying the knot with Seann Scott. 

Despite the massive popularity of her husband, the woman prefers to keep their private life away from the limelight. That’s why only a little information about her and her family is available.

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