Parker Schnabel’s Wife: Is the ‘Gold Rush’ Reality Star Married or Dating?

Discovery Channel watchers such as yourself might’ve recently followed the acclaimed series “Gold Rush.”

While the show presents an interesting journey of miners trekking the world for gold, fans can’t seem to help but zoom in on the reality star, Parker Schnabel’s dating life.

Questions of his marital status have consistently circulated. Despite being in one public relationship and a few other rumored ones, Schnabel is currently a single star. Stick around to learn more about the gold miner’s dating life.

Who Is Parker Schnabel?

Whether you’re an avid reality TV fan or interested in the gold mining industry, you’ve likely heard of Parker Schnabel.

Schnabel is a gold miner and reality TV star from the famed “Gold Rush” series airing on the Discovery Channel. His passion for gold mining has captivated millions of fans worldwide.

The “Gold Rush” actor ventured into gold mining at the young age of five. He used to help his grandfather, who owned the Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska.

By age 18, Schnabel moved to Klondike to expand his gold mining dreams. His success skyrocketed ever since. The reality TV actor garnered a whopping $13 million worth of gold from his mine winnings after turning 24.

His mining journey has yet to begin as he continues to scour multiple lands including, the Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush, Papua New Guinea, and Guyana.

Thanks to the exceptional success of “Gold Rush,” Schnabel was able to create a couple spin-offs of the show, namely “White Water” and “Parker’s Trail.” Each of these aired for an impressive six seasons.

Parker Schnabel

Schnabel with his grandfather       Image source: Instagram

Is Parker Schnabel Married?

While the “Gold Rush” has gathered a decent rating and viewership throughout its 14 seasons, Parker Schnabel has attracted a large portion of this attention.

Fans are curious about the handsome reality star’s love life, wondering if he’s got a ring on his finger or a special someone in his life. Well, wonder no more, because Schnabel is an unmarried man. He was never married as well.

The gold miner seems to be currently more focused on his career as he enters the new season of “Gold Rush.” With $15 million and more on the line for a rewarding $160 million payoff, it seems that Schnabel’s prioritizations are gold before a girlfriend.

Does Parker Schnabel Have a Girlfriend?

Does Parker Schnabel Have a Girlfriend

Image source: Instagram

Parker Schnabel isn’t currently involved in a romantic relationship. Most of his Instagram posts are dedicated to his crew and career and don’t hint at a special someone in his life.

Now, this could also mean that Schnabel prefers to keep his romantic life under wraps. Nonetheless, as far as public knowledge goes, Schnabel is single.

Parker Schnabel’s Dating History

While Schnabel remains an unmarried man, he has had past relationships. You’ll want to consider that most of these past relationships weren’t confirmed by Schnabel himself. They were primarily sourced from rumors and fan speculation.

Ashley Youle

Ashley Youle

If anything in Parker Schnabel’s dating history is confirmed, it’s his public relationship with Ashley Youle. The two comfortably dated in the limelight. The two met while Schnabel was shooting an episode in Australia for season seven.

Youle appeared on the reality show as a veterinary nurse in 2017. The couple’s chemistry captivated fans and the two decided to make it official. Their relationship lasted over a couple of years.

Despite their separation, fans could tell that the relationship was becoming serious since Schnabel invited Youle onto the “Gold Rush” set as a recurring member. This was when Schnabel was filming for his summer mining excursion in Alaska.

Why Did It End?

Fans envisioned a walk down the aisle in the “Gold Rush” couple’s future, but that day never came. Even though Schnabel is usually secretive about his private life, he spoke out about his break-up with Youle in an episode titled, “Win Big or Die Trying” in season eight.

He said, “As successful as our season was, there was, for me personally, one pretty big failure. Ashley and I broke up. I just never made the relationship a priority, I didn’t make her a priority. And honestly, she deserves a lot better than that.”

Consequently, Schnabel was too engrossed in his career to give Youle the relationship she needed.

Nowadays, Youle has moved on and is currently dating Mitch Baker, according to her social media posts.

Tyler Mahony

Tyler Mahony

Image source: Instagram

About a year after breaking up with Youle, Schnabel collaborated with a fellow gold miner named Tyler Mahony. She’s a model and miner from Australia. Mahony appeared on the “Gold Rush” spin-off, “Parker’s Trail” during season four.

She also had appearances on other shows like “Gold Rush: The Dirt” and “Aussie Gold Hunter.” After Mahony and Schnabel’s shared screen time, it didn’t take much time for fans to ship them. 

Despite the riveting on-screen chemistry of both gold miners, Mahoney debunked the shippers’ rumors and confirmed that their relationship was purely professional.

Fan speculation also died down after Mahoney got into a relationship in 2021 with Jake Bennett.

Final Thoughts

Is Parker Schnabel married? In short, he is not. Schnabel has been involved in one confirmed public relationship in the past. Nonetheless, that relationship soon ended.

Nowadays, the blonde star is single, according to public channels. Schnabel’s dating history has been riddled with fan rumors, but they’ve been continuously debunked. It’s clear that Schnabel’s eyes are on the gold prize.

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