Kai Musk: Son of Elon Musk who Enrolled in School Managed by His Father’s Firm

As you know, it’s hard to imagine what the lives of billionaires’ children can look like. They have countless opportunities and options to pursue.

What about the son of the richest man in the world? That’s what you’re about to discover in this post about Kai Musk.

Who Is Kai Musk?

Kai Musk is the son of the well-recognized entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk. He was born in the US in January 2006. His mother is Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Justine Wilson.

Musk and his father have dual citizenship in South Africa and the United States. His mother, on the other hand, is a Canadian citizen.

Sadly, Kai’s parents divorced when he was only two years old. This was one of the considerable changes in the kid’s life.

Kai Musk’s Education

Being the son of the wealthiest man in the world makes Kai’s upbringing unique.

Kai didn’t attend a traditional school. Instead, he enrolled in a school run by his father’s company, SpaceX. The school is called Astra Nova School.

Astra Nova School offers an educational experience that equips students with the necessary skills to cope with today’s rapidly evolving world. 

Who Is Kai Musk

Kai Musk’s Age

Kai Musk will celebrate his 18th birthday on January 1, 2024, with his brothers, Damian and Saxon.

Kai Musk’s Net Worth

Musk hasn’t started any career yet. He’s still an unemployed teenager. As such, he has no current independent source of income.

Kai’s parents are currently taking care of his financial needs. 

Kai Musk on Instagram

Upon searching for Kai Musk’s accounts on multiple social media platforms, I didn’t find any official account for the teen.

It seems like Kai Musk doesn’t own any public social media account at the moment.

Kai Musk’s Family

As you know, Kai Musk belongs to one of the world’s wealthiest and most affluent families. Here’s a quick look at each of his family members:

Kai’s Father: Elon Musk

Kai's Father Elon Musk

As of writing these words, Kai’s father, Elon Musk, is the richest man on the planet. Elon Musk is a world-class entrepreneur best known for his involvement in many highly-ambitious technology-related ventures. 

He also runs businesses centered around space exploration and transportation. One of the most popular businesses Musk owns is Tesla, Inc. The firm is a clean energy company that produces electric vehicles. 

Musk’s leadership and strategic plan made the company prominent in the automotive industry. It’s now the largest electric car producer in the world.

Musk owns the well-known space exploration technology company SpaceX. It’s a private space transportation company and aerospace manufacturer. The company achieved massive success in launching multiple notable projects.

In addition, Musk runs an insanely ambitious project called Neuralink. It’s a neurotechnology company that aims to develop brain-machine interfaces that people can implant and use as a second brain.

Further, Musk launched an infrastructure company called the Boring Company. This business has played a significant role in improving solar energy technologies over the years. 

One of Musk’s most popular ventures was acquiring the popular social media platform Twitter earlier in 2023. The renowned entrepreneur has changed the platform’s name to X.

Kai Musk’s Mother: Justine Wilson

Kai Musk's Mother Justine Wilson

Kai’s mother is the Canadian author Justine Wilson. She’s a recognized name in the literary world. One of her famous novels is BloodAngel, which was published in 2005. 

When the novel succeeded, she released a sequel titled Lord of Boons in 2008.

Wilson stated she was inspired by world-class authors like Joyce Carol and Margaret Atwood while working on her writing.

Kai Musk’s Siblings

Kai Musk's Siblings

Image source: Google

Kai has ten siblings. He’s one of triplets with his brothers Damian and Saxon. 

Elon Musk had a child named Nevada Alexander Musk. This child passed away in 2002 when he was only ten weeks old due to infant death syndrome.

Nonetheless, two years after this occurrence, Kai’s older siblings, Griffin and Vivian, were born. 

In addition, Kai has two step-siblings. One of them is named X, and he was born in 2020. The other is a sister called Exa Dark Musk, born in 2022. 

Further, he has twin siblings who were born in 2021.

Elon Musk and Justine Wilson’s Relationship

Elon Musk and Justine Wilson's Relationship

Image source: Google

Kai’s parents had a controversial relationship. Like many celebrity relationships, this one got much media attention and coverage. 

It started after Musk and Wilson met as students at Queen’s University in Canada. 

In an article by Marie Claire in 2010, she stated that Musk lied to Wilson when they first met.

Musk’s ex-wife said that Musk was a fellow student who seemed to belong to the upper class and spoke with a South African accent. 

She said that Musk appeared in front of her one afternoon and told her they had met at a party. 

She commented, “I knew he was lying because I didn’t attend that party.” Wilson added that Musk confessed years later that he used this false story just to talk to her.

When Musk first pursued Wilson, she rejected him.

Soon after, Musk moved to the University of Pennsylvania. Despite being away from Wilson, he continued sending her roses from one time to another. 

Then, when Musk returned to Canada, Wilson accepted his invitation to dinner. That dinner was the turning point in the relationship.

After that date, Musk and Wilson continued to have a long-distance relationship. This is because Wilson moved to Japan after graduation to teach English as a second language.

However, when she returned to Canada one year later, Wilson decided to reconsider her relationship with Musk.

Only one week after her return, Musk started to contact her again. At this point, the couple decided to get closer, and Wilson moved to California to live with Musk. 

In 2000, the couple got married after years of dating.

That said, Musk and Wilson’s marriage wasn’t a happy ending for their love story. In contrast, it was the beginning of a roller coaster relationship, as Wilson described it. 

Only a short time after their marriage, the couple ran into many conflicts. After multiple failures to reconcile these conflicts, the couple decided to divorce.

Wrapping Up

By now, you know a lot about Kai Musk. He’s the son of the current richest man in the world, Elon Musk. 

His mother is the renowned Canadian writer Justine Wilson. Musk has ten siblings and step-siblings. He attended Astra Nova School alongside most of those siblings. 

He still doesn’t have an independent net worth or public social media accounts.

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