Kane Brown Parents: Funding a Lavish Lifestyle for His Mother, Plans to Hire Father as Drummer Post-Release

Are you a fan of country music? Then, you’ve probably heard of Kane Brown, one of the hottest names in the scene. The biracial artist brings a new style to good old country music, and he is currently one of the most popular online sensations. 

But what about his family? What do we know about Kane Brown’s parents? Read this article to find out. 

Who Are Kane Brown’s Parents?

Kane Brown

Fans are always interested in learning about the families of their favorite stars. This might have been different for Kane Brown’s fans, as his family went through several hardships, that he himself wasn’t aware of as a child. 

Kane Brown is a biracial artist born in 1993 and gained a huge social media following and popularity in 2015. He finally released his EP, Closer, in 2015, which he followed with another single, Used to Love You Sober. 

But things haven’t always been easy for Kane and his family. 

Kane Brown and his sister Heidi were raised by his mother Tabatha Brown. As a child, Kane didn’t know anything about his father. It turned out that his dad was imprisoned and Tabatha decided to focus on raising her children alone. 

Brown is biracial, as he is born to a white mother and an African American dad, who is also part Cherokee. Yet, he reported that he didn’t know much about his ancestry until he was at least seven or eight. Obviously, Tabatha didn’t like talking much about her imprisoned husband, as she might have thought that it would affect her kids negatively. 

We don’t know why Kane’s dad went to prison. But since he remains to be in prison till today, so he probably committed a serious crime. Unfortunately, this means that little Kane has never experienced the presence of a father figure in a home setting. 

Kane Brown’s Childhood

Kane Brown’s Childhood

Kane is born on the 21st of October, 1993, and it seems that even before going to prison, his father wasn’t in the picture. This must have affected little Kane, who continues to speak highly of his mother, as he understands what she went through as a single parent. 

Tabatha Brown moved between northwest Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee with her children. During that time, Kane used to listen to country music which he liked a lot. 

In middle school, Kane began listening to R&B music and eventually won a school award for performing Gettin’ You Home by Chris Young. This marked his official interest in country music and was probably when he decided to become a famous country singer.  

At this time, people also began to call Kane the N-word, so he began to become more self-conscious about his ancestry. He started to ask questions and found out that his dad was away for a reason. 

Kane Brown’s Mother

Kane Brown’s Mother

Tabatha Brown is probably why Kane Brown became the talented and famous man he is. As a result, the singer is very open about his love for his mom, and he mentions that he is grateful for her whenever he is interviewed. 

Kane’s mother went through a lot to raise her children on her own when her husband went to jail when little Ken was three. After becoming famous, Kane tried to make it up for his mother, and he bought her a new car and apartment. He also paid her insurance for a full year, so she doesn’t ever have to worry about paying any bills. 

Life might have been challenging for Tabatha, but she now lives comfortably off her son’s fame and earnings. Kane has vowed to make her life easier since she struggled a lot as a young woman. 

Kane Brown’s Father

Kane Brown

What about Kane Brown’s dad? 

Kane has been open about how his father’s absence affected him and made him an emotional and sensitive person. While this might have helped with his music, it definitely represented a burden for little Kane. 

When he grew up, Kane tried to make peace with his dad and tried to contact him. He reported that he was able to visit him several times. During his visits, he found some secrets about this mysterious man. 

He found out that his dad used to be a drummer. He might not have been a professional drummer, but it’s obvious that his son inherited his love for melodies and tunes. Kane’s dad seems to be proud of his son, and although he has been imprisoned for three decades, he keeps track of all his son’s achievements

The country singer revealed that he can’t wait for his dad’s release date. He even said that he might consider hiring him as a drummer once he’s a free man. 

At the same time, he vowed to be a different man as an adult. Kane married Katelyn Brown, a singer, in 2018 and has always revealed that his family comes first. The loving couple had their first daughter in 2019, and their second was born in December 2021. 

Kane Brown’s Sister

Kane Brown

Image source: Instagram

Heidi Swafford is Kane Brown’s younger sister, and he is very close to her. He usually posts pictures of himself and his mother and sister, showing how much he loves them both. 

Unfortunately, in 2016, his sister was stabbed multiple times, and she was badly injured. The attacker was arrested, and Heidi began to recover. 

Wrap Up

Kane Brown is a country singer who became an online sensation in 2015. He grew up with a single mom and didn’t know anything about his father until he grew older. 

The singer is biracial as he is born to a white mother and an African American father, but his father’s absence affected him a lot. Today, Kane spends time taking care of his mother who suffered a lot raising two children as a single mother. But he also visits his father in prison and hopes to hire him as a drummer once he is released. 

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