Turk Lesnar: WWE champ Brock Lesnar’s Firstborn, Currently Uninterested in a Wrestling Career

Professional wrestler and WWE champion Brock Lesnar has two sons with wife Rena Marlette Greek. 

Recently, the couple’s firstborn, Turk Lesnar, has been a subject of public interest. Fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike are speculating whether Brock and Rena’s firstborn is training to pursue wrestling or to which type of sport he’s inclined to—and we’re curious as well! 

Let’s dig a little deeper and learn about the life of Turk Lesnar. 

Turk Lesnar Age and Education

Turk Lesnar was born in 2009 to wrestler parents Brock Lesnar and Rena Marlette Greek. Despite the public’s fascination with his famous parents, very little is known about the young Lesnar’s personal life, and his parents are adept at keeping their family life private. 

What’s even more impressive is that Brock and Rena aren’t actively posting or sharing private family matters with the media. That way, fans can only assume about the state of their family life.

Turk Lesnar’s Parents

Turk Lesnar’s Parents

Turk is the firstborn to parents Rena and Brock, who tied the knot on May 6, 2006. 

Rena, commonly known by her stage name Sable, is a former model and a retired professional wrestler who debuted in 1996.

In her WWE profile, she’s highly regarded as the woman who paved the way in a male-dominated WWE world. Talk about a major girl boss moment!

On the other hand, Brock, or “The Beast Incarnate” and “The Conqueror,” needs no introduction. The wrestling champ is a three-time WWE Universal Champion and a seven-time WWE World Champion. 

In his 2011 memoir, The Conqueror regards his relationship with wife as “meant to be” and considers her his solid rock. It seems that the tough guy on the ring has a sweet side, too!

Is Turk Lesnar Interested in Wrestling?


In an interview with Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA, Brock reveals that sons Turk and Duke have no interest in becoming wrestlers. Did this truth affect Brock? How he reacted surprised many fans!

The wrestling champ seems unfazed by his children’s disinterest but admits to trying to get the kids into wrestling when they were only five and six years old. 

Brock says, “I tried to take them to wrestling, and it just wasn’t their thing.” 

While they show no enthusiasm in following their parents’ footsteps, the Lesnar brothers are hockey players, which Brock sees as a good thing. 

He further states, “Honestly, for me, it’s great because I don’t think I could have spent another 20 years in a wrestling room.” We can’t help but adore this supportive dad moment!

Does Turk Lesnar Have Siblings?


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Turk has a younger brother named Duke, who was born in 2010. The brothers also have half-siblings from their father’s previous marriage. 

Turk’s half-siblings from his father’s previous wife, Nicole McClain, are Mya Lynn and Luke. Both siblings play sports; Mya is inclined with track and field, and Luke is set to pursue a wrestling career. 

Whether the siblings share a bond with their half brother and sister is a mystery—but we’d love to see them together in one of their father’s future events (fingers crossed!)


To wrap up, little is known about 14-year-old Turk Lesnar; the firstborn of WWE champ Brock Lesnar and former model-wrestler Rena Marlette Greek. 

Despite his father’s influence, Turk and his younger brother, Duke, are currently uninterested in pursuing a wrestling career.

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