A Comprehensive Guide to Open Relationships from A to Z

A few decades ago, a suggestion to have open relationships would shock a lot of people, but today, open-ended bonds are quite common. Why not? We have only one life, and we get to choose how to live it. Open relationships are not necessarily about “I can sleep with whoever I want.”

They also imply the absence of the need to commit and having someone committed to you. If that’s what you want or you just recently got such a proposal from your partner, check out this guide to learn more about free relationships. There is more to it than you would expect!

What is the Point of an Open Relationship?

What are open relationships? Basically, you get the opportunity to date several people at the same time without having to hide it from any of them. However, you don’t have to actually do it. Open relationships are simply a freedom of choice that your partner gives you (normally expecting the same from you). 

The main idea behind this kind of romantic connection with a Slavic girl is that if you can’t have all your needs fulfilled by one person, you’re allowed to seek satisfaction from others. Say you have a girlfriend who is incredibly hot and fun. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem to be able to support you emotionally.

Instead of breaking up with her, you find another woman who can understand everything you feel. Open relationships allow you to do such things without causing extra drama. 

Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

Whether you are a true fan of this type of dating or want to scream “No!” every time someone mentions it, there are two sides to this coin. Let’s have a look at both!


  • Better communication

Talking about open relationships and discussing all the nuances requires both partners to be honest and sincere. 

  • More exciting

Staying with the same partner for years may make you feel bored at some point, while dating new people will keep the spark in your eyes alive. 

  • Impossible becomes possible 

When you meet someone and see that the person is lacking some traits that are vital to you, you can simply find someone else to complete the picture. 


  • You both can get jealous 

Discussing an open relationship, in theory, is different from actually seeing your partner flirt with another person. 

  • Social stigma

Telling your friends and family about your style of dating might be challenging and lead to judgmental looks and disapproval from society.

It’s possible that your partner will develop feelings for someone else while dating you, which might complicate things a lot. 

Open Relationships Rules

Many think of open relationships as something limitless, a romance without any rules. But in real life, such a connection will not last long and will not make you happy unless you talk to your second half about what’s acceptable for you both and what’s not. Here are the ground rules. 

Approved Activities

Are you allowed to spend a night at someone else’s place? Is it okay if you go on a vacation with another person? Would it hurt your current partner if you brought your date to the cafe where you two first met? These details are crucial if you want to avoid hurting your second half or bringing some confusion into your relationship.

If you want to start with something less radical than going on a date with another person, try virtual dating. Reputable services can make this experience pleasant for you with their low prices and 100% verified users. 

No Exes or Friends

As practice shows, it’s extremely hard to maintain an open relationship when ex-lovers or friends get involved. Moreover, this can lead to great confusion, as you will soon realize that your free romance is turning into something impossible to define. So make sure you don’t go on a date with someone your girlfriend might know, and tell her about this rule, too. 

Decide on Privacy

Can you share the details of your last night with your partner, or is it better to keep them private? Talk about whether you even want to know who those other people you both date outside of your relationship are. According to experts, the less information about your side romances you share, the higher the chances you have to create a unit that lasts. 

Promise to Stay Honest

Don’t hurry to Google “dating service near me” as soon as your girlfriend approves the idea to open your romantic unit. If you have never tried open relationships before, you probably have a very vague idea about how they work. Even after reading hundreds of blog articles, you might still have the wrong expectations.

All in all, the reality of such a romance can turn out in a way you couldn’t have imagined. So, agree with your partner that you are free to tell each other when the open relationship starts feeling uncomfortable.  

What Do You Tell Others?

If you are the kind of person who isn’t bothered by the opinions of other people, your second half may find it more significant. Therefore, we suggest you talk openly about what answer you’re supposed to give when her brother or your mother asks about your relationship.

In most situations, it’s best to keep the intricacies of your connection private and simply answer that you’re just a normal couple — two people dating each other. 

Summing-Up: Are Open Relationships Healthy?

Do open relationships work? The truth is, this kind of romantic connection is as healthy as you make it. It’s not advisable to start it just as an experiment when you’re feeling bored in your relationship and want some new emotions. If you come up with such a decision spontaneously, your partner may react negatively. 

In general, make sure you are both ready for flexible dating arrangements. If you just started chatting with girls on a foreign affair dating site, highlight your intentions and share your relationship expectations from the beginning. It will really work for both of you!

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