Protecting Your Rights: Legal Advice for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclists have an unfortunate reputation at times of being reckless and thrill-seeking. In reality, automobile drivers may be more likely to be reckless on the road, and they may be more likely to cause auto accidents involving motorcyclists as well.

Still, if you were to get into a wreck as a motorcyclist, your medical injuries and physical damages caused to your bike (in addition to the roadway legalities you may encounter), can be catastrophic. What are your rights?

How do you protect your rights as a motorcyclist? No matter where you live or where you’re driving through, it’s wise to know how best to navigate the legalities of your rights as a biker on the road. This way, you stay protected and get the correct care and compensation if an accident does occur when you’re out on the road.

You Have the Right to Report Your Accident

While motorcycles take up a tiny minority of operational vehicles on the road, they take up a surprising number of accidents. The reason may be largely due to how difficult motorcyclists can be to see on the roadways by larger cars and trucks.

If you’re in an auto accident in Maury County, regardless of how it happened or who’s at fault, you have the right (and the obligation) to report the accident right away. Contact the local authorities to report the accident so you have a written account of what happened. You’ll need this information to give to your insurance company.

Since there were 47 motorcycle accidents in Maury County in 2023 alone, odds are you are not the only motorcyclist going through the motions of understanding their legal rights and filing a report on their accident. Knowing other motorcyclists in the area are going through similar situations can help you feel more confident filing your report and defending your rights.

You Have the Right to Medical Care

Many motorcycle-involved accidents result in serious injuries. Even if you or any passengers potentially feel fine following your motorcycle accident, you must seek medical care immediately or as soon as you can. Some accident injuries (such as whiplash) can take days to become apparent, and you want to ensure you have access to medical care before your symptoms arise.

You have the right to immediate as well as ongoing medical care. Some of your medical expenses may be related to physical therapy and repeat medical visits, so don’t just assume you only have to have one checkup and then you’re good to go.

Since 30% of motorcycle injuries are in the toes and feet of the victims, you could be incapacitated for some time, leaving you unable to work or care for your family like you normally would. This leads to the next right you have, which is the right to monetary compensation.

You Have the Right to Compensation

Your motorcycle accident is likely to lead to lots of financial expenses. From repairing or replacing your motorcycle to handling your medical costs (not to mention work losses), costs related to your wreck will add up.

You have the right to compensation, which is where your insurance company or the insurance company of another party — or another party directly if you are suing for damages — comes into play.

You may be able to be compensated for medical, wage, and vehicle losses, in addition to other relevant costs related to your case. If you’re unsure what you may be entitled to, it’s wise to hire a motorcycle injury attorney to assist you.

You Have the Right to Legal Counsel

It’s wise to seek legal counsel as soon as you can to help you in several ways. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you file an insurance claim and work with insurance agencies on your behalf.

They can also collect evidence to support your case in the event your insurance company or the insurance company of other involved parties is refusing or neglecting your claim.

An attorney represents your best legal interests, gathering police, medical, work-related, and other evidence to build a case so you can settle your compensation claim out of court, which can save you time and money on court and other fees.

Or, they can represent you in court to help you get the fair compensation owed to you based on several factors. If you are found to be at fault for your accident, your attorney can represent you in the event another party sues you.

What You Should Do First to Protect Your Rights?

The very first thing you should do after you are involved in a motorcycle accident is to stay at the scene until the proper authorities arrive. Never admit fault for the accident, even if there are witnesses who claim they know who caused the accident.

Seek the assistance of an attorney who will assist you in securing medical care and will help you create a strong case, whether it be working with insurance companies, filing a claim in court, or simply guiding you through the legal process of paying any related auto accident fees and fines.

Wrapping Up

Getting involved in a motorcycle accident can be a scary occurrence. You have several rights as a motorcyclist, and knowing what these rights are will help you feel more confident as you go about setting your life back in order after your wreck. Retain an attorney to help you file a claim to protect your rights and navigate the legalities of your wreck correctly.

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