What Are The Various Advantages of LASIK Treatment?

Are you suffering from vision problems and are tired of wearing spectacles for long hours? Are you looking for some lifelong solution? If yes, you don’t need to wait long to get rid of those ugly glasses. You can now go for LASIK treatment to improve your vision. The treatment will not only remove glasses but also fill you with a lot of confidence.

LASIK is a simple eye surgery that is gaining much attention now. This is thanks to modern science, which is making it possible for everyone to live a glass-free life. Some patients can go for the basic LASIK treatment; however, some can opt for Custom Contoura LASIK treatment for better results. Whatever the treatment is, you are sure to love your new look.

Learn why you must go for LASIK treatment. But before that, it is important to read what is LASIK treatment.

What is LASIK treatment?

LASIK is the short name for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. LASIK eye surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries in US these days. Every year here almost 0.6 million surgeries are performed.

The surgery can treat hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. The treatment is extremely quick with only 15 minutes of downtime and is very affordable. You also don’t need to be admitted in a hospital for the entire day. Also, anyone can go for this surgery from kids to adults to older adults.

Advantages of LASIK treatment

There are many advantages of LASIK eye surgery, but some of the most common benefits are written hereunder:

Long lasting result

LASIK treatment is a permanent eye surgery. Hence you don’t need to visit your surgeon or optician every now and then to update your glasses or prescriptions. However, after a certain age, the eyes are bound to become weak. At that time you might need to wear glasses but that is very natural.

No downtime

After the surgery or even before that you don’t need to admit yourself in the hospital or any kind of doctor’s facility. You can simply walk in, get your eye tested, and get the surgery done within 30 minutes of entering the facility. After the surgery just for some quick check and results the doctor might ask you to wait for at least 30 mins. And voila! You are all good to go. However, for recovering fully from the surgery you will need a week.


LASIK eye surgery, when compared with any other eye surgery, is quite affordable. You don’t need to withdraw your savings or break a bank to get operational. All you need to do is spend just a few dollars, and your surgery will be done. After surgery, you don’t need to take too many medicines or eye drops. Surgeons prescribe just a few medicines to help your eye recover fully.

Better results

Regularly wearing glasses or taking care of your eyes might not be so fruitful in the long run. Hence, getting LASIK done is the only solution to improve your eyesight. The satisfaction rate for LASIK patients is more than 95.4%. Many patients reach 20/20 vision after the operation.


The LASIK eye surgery is quite convenient. The treatment causes no pain. You will also not feel any inconvenience after the surgery. All you need to do is stay put on regular eye drops and take the prescribed medicines for a few days to get back to normal life.


The treatment offers freedom to the patients from lenses and glasses. It also saves them from the hassle of regularly visiting an optician or an eye surgeon. You also don’t need to carry extra glasses in case you forget one.

Safe procedure

All LASIK eye surgery is quite safe. There are no stitches or cuts during the surgery. Just a machine will operate on you using some laser rays that are not at all harmful to the eyes. Within minutes the surgery will be done without you even realising anything.

Post-procedure easy care

After the surgery, there are just a few instructions you need to follow.

  • Wear dark glasses or sunglasses.
  • Use the medications as prescribed.
  • Avoid eye makeup.
  • Take a nap for a few hours immediately after the surgery.
  • Prefer baths and avoid showers.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid driving.
  • Stay away from children and pets.

Free consultations

Many eye hospitals and clinics offer free consultations before and after the surgery, which helps you prepare for the surgery or recover. This not only saves you money but also gives you a better understanding of the entire operation and recovery procedure.


Last but not least, the entire process from start to end is very simple. All you need to do is visit one clinic and get your eye tested. Rest you need to leave on the doctor and the staff there. They will take your best care and offer you the best support and services. With minimal paperwork and effort, you will be out of the clinic in a jiffy.

Wrapping up

In recent years, science has made tremendous development, and laser eye surgery is the result of one such development. Unlike in the older days, now everyone can live a spectacle-free life. All you need to do is meet an eye surgeon near you and get the process done.

Get rid of your glasses and say hello to a new look today!

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