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Where to Store Your Vacuum: The 4 Best Places That Won’t Clutter Your Living Space

Your home requires constant upkeep to stay clean and organized, and a reliable vacuum is essential for this task. However, one common dilemma many homeowners face is deciding where to store their vacuum cleaner when it’s not in use.

Finding the right storage spot ensures that your vacuum remains accessible without taking up excessive space or creating clutter. Here are four of the best places to store your vacuum to keep your home tidy and your cleaning routine seamless.

Store Your Vacuum in a Closet

A closet is a popular storage solution for vacuums due to its accessibility and ability to hide larger household items from view. Whether it’s a broom closet, hallway closet, or an extra one in the bedroom, closets provide optimal storage for your vacuum without compromising on space. If you have multiple types of cleaning devices, a designated closet can keep everything organized and within reach.

Many modern homes come with large closets designed to accommodate various household needs. Closets provide enough space for the vacuum’s hose, wand, and other accessories, which helps prevent them from becoming tangled or lost.

If you’re looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, you might consider sizes and models that fit easily into the closet spaces available in your home.

Maximize Closet Space

For those with smaller closets, using customized shelves or hooks can make a big difference. Hooks allow you to hang the vacuum accessories such as hoses and wands, keeping them off the floor and easy to access. Shelving units inside the closet can also create additional room for smaller cleaning supplies like bags, brushes, and filters.


The convenience of storing your vacuum in a closet means it’s always tucked away but still easy to get to when the floors need sweeping. It’s especially handy to store your vacuum near high-traffic areas that tend to get dirty quickly, like living rooms or entryways.

Utilize a Nook

Nooks are often overlooked spaces in home design but can be extraordinarily functional. These small spaces, whether under the stairs, in a corner, or even an alcove in the hallway, offer a unique opportunity for creative storage solutions. By effectively utilizing these nooks, you can store your vacuum cleaner without disrupting the flow or aesthetics of your living spaces.

It might surprise you how perfectly a vacuum can fit into a cozy nook. Smaller models, particularly those designed to be compact, easily slide into these spaces, making them excellent candidates for such storage solutions. Alternatively, you might prefer to find a selection of cordless vacuums if space is restricted or you simply want more flexibility.

Custom Cabinetry

If your home has built-in features or if you’re considering renovations, custom cabinetry can transform an unused nook into a prime storage area. Cabinets installed specifically for storing your vacuum and its accessories keep everything concealed and readily available without requiring any major changes to your existing space.

Under-Stairs Storage

Another innovative use of nooks involves under-stair storage. Stairs often possess hollow space beneath them that can be transformed into drawers or cabinets. These can comfortably hold your vacuum along with any attachments, allowing you to maximize otherwise wasted space efficiently.

  • Create shelving tailored to the size of your vacuum and its components.
  • Use sliding doors or hinges for easy access.
  • Add hooks or pegboards to organize hoses and wands.

Designate Pantry Space

If your kitchen pantry has extra room, it’s an ideal space for storing a vacuum cleaner. As pantries are typically central to the house, they can offer easy access for quick touch-ups and spills. Ensuring your vacuum is close to the action spells greater efficiency when tidying up after cooking or entertaining.

While some people mainly think of pantries as food storage locations, they can become versatile utility spaces with proper organization.

Shelves and Hooks

Incorporate adjustable shelves inside your pantry to accommodate various vacuums and their accessories. Depending on the depth of your pantry, the vacuum can stand upright or lie flat on a shelf. Attaching hooks on the inside door can provide more storage options for items like extensions or cleaning brushes.

Empty Corners or Bottom Shelves

Corners or lower regions of the pantry that aren’t being used for food storage can be re-purposed to store your vacuum. The bottom shelf could host lightweight attachments, while the corner spots ensure the bulkier main unit stays out of the way yet remains reachable.

Use the Garage or Shed

For those who don’t mind storing their vacuum outside of the immediate living areas, the garage or a garden shed provides another great storage option. These spaces typically have ample room for larger equipment and tools, making them perfect for housing your vacuum.

The key to successfully using this storage method lies in ensuring the vacuum remains dry and well-protected from dust and dirt accumulation.

Protective Measures

When storing a vacuum in the garage or shed, implement protective measures to maintain the device’s condition:

  1. Use covers or storage bins to shield the vacuum from dust and grime.
  2. Ensure the storage area is free from moisture to avoid damaging electrical components.
  3. Consider wall mounts or hooks to elevate hoses and wands, preventing damage from being stepped on.

Garage Shelves and Overhead Storage

Many garages feature shelving units or overhead storage solutions that can maximize vertical space. Placing your vacuum on a sturdy shelf or using overhead racks keeps the floor clear and opens up more room for car parking or other activities.

Additionally, garages can cater to both small handheld vacuums and larger full-size models, presenting a flexible staging area based on your storage needs.

Always Have a Designated Space for Your Vacuum Cleaner

No matter which of these four practical solutions you decide on, each option easily accommodates the diverse range of vacuum sizes and styles. From compact nooks to spacious garages, finding the appropriate storage spot for your vacuum will enhance your daily cleaning experience significantly.

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