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5 Steps to Install a Skirting Board Without any Hassle

The key to a sophisticated and tranquil existence is having a beautiful house. And everyone wants to wow guests with an environment that is stunning and eye-catching. The market is full of interesting things for home décor, and skirting boards are only one of them. Selecting the ideal skirting board and ensuring a flawless installation may be a demanding task. You must first conduct a market analysis and select the best brand that fits inside your price range.

After purchasing the goods, you could consider doing it yourself or hiring a technician. When taking on a task on their own, the majority of people don’t have the proper advice to do the assignment to perfection. This comprehensive instruction will assist you in correctly installing a skirting board.

Buying the Best

The most important thing to remember when installing skirting boards in your house is this. There are several brands of skirting boards available at different prices. All you need to do is conduct research and evaluate the durability, cost, and quality. Also, remember to look up internet reviews and ask for a reference when choosing a skirting board. You can find the best ones in bespoke skirting boards near Birmingham.

A new skirting board and a number of other necessary instruments, including the decorator’s caulk, a copping saw, a crowbar, screws, nails, and hammers, are required for the installation process. Ensure that every tool you need is in good working order.

Remove the Old Ones

The old skirting must be removed before installing new skirting boards. You must proceed with extreme caution so as not to damage the plaster. Experts advise putting wood behind the tools to make sure you remove the old skirting effectively without breaking anything. This expedites the procedure and guarantees a secure extraction.

Measure the Space

After finishing up the clearing process, start measuring the space you’re going to place the skirting board. Professionals advise you to start measuring from long walls to avoid cutting the board often. Once you get the measurement, mark it in the skirting where you have to cut.

And remember to use a meter saw and a wood in between the skirting board and saw to avoid any damage and protection. You should be cutting the skirting board from your left-hand side to pace up the task. And the same procedure is applicable to every wall.


It is very important that the skirting board fits right and stays firm. The only way to ensure its firmness is by using the right nails and screws. Most people prefer to use masonry nails, which are commonly used and adaptable for any place. And it’s wise to check if there is piping or cables running behind the particular space. That way, you can avoid any unnecessary damage and overwork. For timber grounds, try using lost headnails for better results.


Use a sturdy binder every time to keep the skirting and wall together. Only after applying the binder, you should press the skirting against the wall. For a tight fit, professionals advise applying the gum in a zigzag pattern.

The skirting board is going to look fantastic in your house. Follow these instructions and never make a mistake. Finding the appropriate skirting board, like bespoke skirting boards near Birmingham, is all that you need.

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