Carlos Scola Pliego: The Ex-Husband of Nigerian-British Singer Sade Adu, Who Was Head-over-heels in Love with Him

What do you get when you put a Spanish director who likes to keep a low profile and a famous Nigerian-British singer together? A bad marriage. Yes, Carlos Scola Pielgo’s marriage to the iconic Sade Adu didn’t end well.

How bad was it, though? Well, it’s hard to tell. However, we didn’t come empty-handed. After scouring the internet, we can provide a few glimpses into their relationship. Let’s get right to it!

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Early Life

Despite being an established director, we don’t know much about Pliego’s early life. Besides being born in Spain, there isn’t any available information about him.

Many speculate that he went to a community school but skipped college to pursue a career in directing. That said, we know that Pielgo was raised in a Christian family and still practices his religion today.

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Career

Carlos Scola Pliego

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Heads up: This post will contain multiple Spanish titles that we can’t translate because we don’t know Spanish. Sorry! 

Pielgo landed his first job in the film industry in 1979, working as a script supervisor on “La boda del señor cura.” A year later, he supervised the script of “Opera Prima,” which was more well-received.

It wasn’t long before he was promoted to assistant director and got to work on multiple films and TV projects. Pliego’s first movie as an AD was “Eleni,” a war drama that explores a mother’s love for her children.

His first big hit, though, came in 1983 when he worked on the Spanish set of the thrilling James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again.” It involved big Hollywood names, like Sean Connery, Klaus Brandauer, and Kim Basinger.

So, it was unlike anything Pielgo had worked on before. In 1985, he got to work on the popular mini-series “Christopher Colombus,” exploring the obstacles the traveler faced during his expeditions.

Working on a diverse set of movies and series helped him gain enough experience to direct his own films. So, in 1988, Pliego wrote and directed “Ngira: Gorilas en la montaña.” Even if you can’t speak Spanish, we think you can tell what the documentary is about.

Yes, it aimed to help viewers understand the behavior of gorillas. A year later, he stepped up, directing his first full-length documentary. “Donde Termina el corazon” offered a fresh perspective on the African continent.

Truth is: None of Pielgo’s documentaries garnered great commercial success. So you might be wondering: What makes this man so intriguing that you’d write a blog post about him?

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Love Life

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Love Life

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Despite being an established director, Pliego isn’t famous for his movies. Instead, he’s known for being the ex-husband of the Nigerian-British singer Sade Adu. Look, not everyone can enjoy a documentary on gorillas, but we all love celebrity drama, right?

Let’s take it from the top then!

The couple first met in 1985 on the shooting of Sade’s music videos for her album “Promise” in Spain. Contrary to what you might think, there wasn’t an immediate spark between them.

However, after her father passed away, Adu received unwanted media attention. She wanted a change of scenery. So she moved to Spain. That’s when she reconnected with the Spanish director, and the couple took off from there.

Sade was head-over-heels in love with Pielgo. She even started introducing him as her husband, even though they weren’t married yet. (Talk about coming on too strong.)

Pliego supported Sade during the making of her album “Stronger Than Pride.” He even went as far as staying with her in the studio until she finished shooting. The happy couple got married on October 11, 1989, and lived happily ever after — until.

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Divorce

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Divorce

Despite having a strong start, Pielgo’s marriage didn’t last long. One year after the ceremony, Sade left him and relocated to London. Interestingly, she refused to share the details of the separation with the media, which made the fans more curious.

It was only a few years afterward that she did an interview with the FADER where she gave the fans glimpses of her marriage. 

She said it was “a very bad situation,” and she had to leave quickly with only one small bag. She added that it took five years for her to get over what she witnessed.

Pielgo, on the other hand, remained silent about the divorce. Unlike Sade, he didn’t even give hints about the nature of his marriage. 

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Net Worth

While we know every movie Pliego took part in, there isn’t any available information on his net worth. His wife, on the other hand, has a net worth of over $70 million.

Wrapping Up 

Although we don’t know much about Pielgo’s personal life, we know much about his love life. 

His short relationship with Sade Adu was enough to put him in the spotlight but not enough to get him out of his shell.

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