Glimpses of Life

Santa’s Helper Playing Peek-a-Boo     Pure Joy Imagination Powered Fuzzy, Red and Very Much Loved  Bacon and Asparagus and Garlic and — well hell, do I really need to say more? Merry Christmas From The Family Hey Ginger, Where’s Fred? aka – there really is no substitute for natural light Glimpses shared with Lotus’… 

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The Disco Diva and The Cowboy Monkey

Not many pictures after a week filled with stomach flu and ear infections However Friday night Princess performed with the High School Cheerleaders at the football game as part of a clinic for the little girls, so fun!   ‘Howdy Partner’ ‘Disco Diva’ Weekly Winners

This Week in Pictures

Awaiting Don* Don Treading over the Coast* Apple Stacks It Only Takes One (Thank you, Karen) *by iPhone – Don came and Don went without even a how do you do. *by iPhone – Do you get the ‘Don’ reference? I realize that I am no longer picking my camera up for pure pleasure and… 

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