Rachel’s Texas Bloody Mary Recipe

Do you want to build a snowman?
How about a Bloody Mary?

spicy bloody mary with bacon and spicy green beans


I knew you were my kinda people.

Huge Thank you to Absolut for sending me an incredible complete bar set up, that scrumptious bottle of Absolut Peppar (my favorite) and a gift card to have a Bloody Mary brunch in celebration of the Bloody Mary turning 80!!!!

I don’t really need a reason to enjoy a Bloody Mary… today ends in Y? Good enough for me! 

 I like my Bloody Marys spicy, and what goes well with spicy?

Well, everything – duh, but salty and sweet pairs perfectly with spicy – so I opted for buttermilk waffles and fried chicken!

stack of buttermilk waffles and fried chicken


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waiting his turn

Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 74}

Happy Monday, y’all!  How was your weekend? Our weekend was full of Football Championship games, chilly weather, slow cooker taco soup, recipe testing, and relaxing. Just look at that little Monkey waiting for his turn to go in.  He played a great game, and my heart just melts seeing his little figure there with his coaches…. 

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Give a girl the right boots and she can conquer the world

This Week in Happiness {Week 23}

Happiness is many things.  This week Happiness came in the form of this adorable sign that a friend surprised me with <3  Thank you Amy!!! I do love my boots, and I think this pretty much nails it! Entertainment Every time I hear Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off” I smile and get my shimmy on.  I… 

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A Southern Fairytale in Times Square

Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 73}

Happy Monday!  I spent a few days in New York last week with Fisher Nuts for an event with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, where I had the most scrumptious Walnut and Fontina Mac and Cheese.  I walked around Times Square with Jenny and Lori and took pictures in the rain with our New York Umbrellas. If you… 

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unsliced garlic bread

Overnight Garlic Bread

This garlic bread is the garlickiest garlic bread you’ll ever meet. Should you want to repel vampires, this is the recipe for you. Do you see those rich, gold swirls of color in the bread?  That’s garlic and olive oil. Have you ever seen a garlic bread that was so infused with flavor that you… 

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Elizabeth Gilbert's Glorious Mess Quote

This Week in Happiness {Week 22}

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s FB page These This Week in Happiness posts are one of my favorite things to do; I love concentrating on happiness, and finding things that bring me joy and sharing them with y’all.  Focusing on happiness is incredibly life changing, y’all. <3 

don't blow it

Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 72}

Happy Monday-after-Halloween!  I feel as if that should be today’s official title – or alternately, Happy-Monday-After-The-Time-Change-Who-Else-Forgot-to-Change-a-Clock? We forgot to move Princess’ clock back, so she woke up at 4:40 and started getting ready for school today!!! OOOPS!  Yeah, we kinda “blew that”…. That’s the picture we used for her Student Council President campaign poster  “Don’t… 

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Carved Avocado Skull

Devilishly Delicious Spicy Black Bean Avocado Dip

This cheesy spicy black bean avocado dip might be one of the easiest, and most versatile recipes I’ve ever made.      I love food that’s a hot mess.  Food that is spreadable, dippable, and just makes you feel happy when you eat it.  Hot mess food is rarely pretty to look at, certainly doesn’t… 

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sugar snowball cookies

Chocolate Talk, Snowball Cookies, and Halloween

I don’t know if there’s an official chocolate season, but I think the entire month of October leading up to Halloween, and probably November and December and January… well, let’s just call it October through February shall we?  Chocolate season is October through February. That’s a lot of chocolate, y’all. A lot of chocolate cookies,… 

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breakfast - the most important meal of the day

The Importance of Breakfast

Can we share a moment?  Can I confess a little something to you? Sometimes it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning, y’all.  There are days where I want to toss the comforter back up over my head, burrow back into my little nook, and sleep just a wee bit longer; and… 

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rum soaked banana nut muffins

Mouthwatering Mondays (Week 71)

Happy Monday! You should start your day off with some of these Rum Soaked Banana Nut Muffin Bites – they’re scrumptious! How was your weekend? Did you eat anything delicious? I feel I should go ahead and apologize to your waistlines, because this week’s features are all sweets.  Really incredibly delightful, decadent, delicious sweets.

rum soaked banana nut muffins

Rum Soaked Banana Nut Muffin Bites

Can we talk a little about kitchen magic?  The kind of magic that occurs when you take basic ordinary ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and spices – but what happens once those ingredients are combined is anything but ordinary; it’s kitchen magic. I firmly believe that banana bread and banana nut muffins are made of… 

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Compliment People

This Week in Happiness {Week 21}

see the original and find the printable version of this here This. This. This.  When was the last time you saw someone wearing something you liked and complimented them?  When was the last time that you saw someone doing something wonderful, or kind, or special, or ordinary; and complimented them on it? About 2 years… 

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oh how I missed their faces

Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 70}

There’s nothing as wonderful as coming home to spider monkey hugs; and cuddles on the couch that include hand holding and hearing “I love you, mom.  I missed you, mom” repeated over and over again. I had the most incredible time in Utah at the Better Blog Retreat this weekend, but there’s nothing like coming… 

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Homemade Caramel Corn with Sugared Pecans

Homemade Sugared Pecan Caramel Corn

Do you have a snack that whisks you back to the sticky fingers, smudged faces, gap toothed smiles, full bellies, and pure happiness of childhood? Caramel Corn is one of those foods that immediately takes me back to baseball games, county fairs, rodeos, and lazy afternoons sharing bowls of sticky caramel coated corn with my… 

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