Pinky and The Mouth ~ volume 2

So here we have, Pinky and The Mouth volume 2. If you do not know Pinky and The Mouth please go here, really. I’ll wait.
We sent Miss Pinky back to school today (do you hear the choirs of angels singing Hallelujah? No, that’s just in my head…okay then)
3 days being cooped up in the house with Mama and The Mouth, not so much fun for social butterfly girl.
I go to pick her up this afternoon to have Ms. K, her teacher, tell me… “Wow, Pinky (aka Princess) was quite the chatterbox today.”
Me, in a shocked tone, “No, really? I can’t imagine that”
Yeah, I wasn’t foolin’ anybody.

So, we’re packed, we’re in the car, movie’s on and we’re toolin’ down the highway.
I hear this: “Mom, I have to tee tee”
Me: “of course you do honey, because we’ve been on the road for 10minutes of our 4 1/2 hour trip” Huge eye roll here.
Pull over, find a gas station unload both kids, secure vehicle.. yada yada yada…
Pick up The Mouth and what do I see!!!
yep, you guessed it you brilliant Sherlock Holmes reader, you! Green goopy gunk in his eyes!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
And here I thought we were home free. Damn.
Frantic call to Pediatrician goddess.
All the while muttering, please don’t make me have to hunt down a pharmacy in (destination city), please, please, please.
Hallelujah! There’s that chorus of angels again!!
Mouth can use Pinky’s drops. Woo Hoo!
So, now all I have to do is keep the 1 year old from touching the 4 year old or anyone else… for a day or so. Yep, that’ll be a breeze.
I did learn a fantabulous trick for eye drop application for kids (and squeamish adults)
Have them lie flat on their back and close their eyes. Place one drop in the inner corner of the eye, think tear duct, when they open their eyes… the drops just well into their eyes… no problems! It’s fabulous, takes all the hassle out! Woo Hoo!
So.. at the end of this post… what have we learned?
A) my kids’ monikers need to be switched:
Monkey is now Pinky and Princess is now The Mouth! LOL.
B) easy peasy solution for eye drop application
Now, aren’t you glad you came by today.
Stay tuned… after I play Cinderella at mom’s house tomorrow I’m posting the first evah: Royal Banana Awards for blog yumminess.
Do I have you panting with excitement and anticipation?
No? Damn.
Well, come back anyways 🙂

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  1. What fun! So sorry. I think we all have days like that. When I do, I like to pretend I’m just the sitter and can return to my kidless home soon.

  2. i love putting eye drops in my kids eyes. it’s as much fun as trying to get my cats to take their pills…only, with the kids, i don’t get bitten, as hard…
    i sit on my kids, too. i pin them down with my knees…to fricking bad if it hurts…and,i stab them in the eye…er…i gently put the drops into their precious, pink eyes…thus ridding the infected area of green gloppy goop…the end.

  3. "fantabulous" you stoled one of my words!!
    Its okay…i'll share since i like your blogs so well! Hehe

    YAY for Mouth!!
    Poor Pinky! Hope his eye gets better!
    Sure hope Cinderella doesn't have to clean too hard tomorrow!

  4. If that eye-drop application tip really works, you will be my bestest friend forever and ever. My kids get some type of conjuctivitis at least once a year.

  5. Oh Oh, does that mean Judith Shakesphere made you a cool award button?!? I can’t wait to see it!

    Sorry to hear Monkey got the goop. I hope it goes no further than him.

    Just in case you don’t have anything else to post about (ha ha) I have tagged you for a meme. See my post Work, Beer and Botox

  6. Although he’d get rather upset if he knew I was telling you this, the one with the problem with eye drops in our house isn’t one of the kids…. its the Coach!

    He’s had an eye infection just once in the last 15 years. And belive me.. that’s plenty! To get the drops in his eyes, I had to SIT ON HIM, holding him down, pinning his arms with my legs while holding his head still with my knees. Oh yeah, tons of fun. We tried the drop in the corner of the eye bit… he’s twitchy! Ends up with drops in his hair.

    However, I’ve discovered that the best way to end an argument with that man is to reach up and play with my contact lens or simply touch my eyeball while he’s in mid-rant.

    He turns such a beautiful shade of green…….

  7. poor Pinky, yay Mouth! I was afraid that your youngest was gonna get it from the original Pinky! Hope your in the clear soon for everybody!

  8. I woke up early just because I couldn’t sleep over the anticipation of then Going Bananas award.

    Ok, ok, so David woke me up at 4:00am. But, at least I can check all the bloggy goodness that is around me!

    P.S. I’m sorry that the baby got the conjunk. 🙁

  9. See your kiddos can share well with each other. lol I know you don’t like it when they share the green gunk.
    I hope the new Pinky gets well soon without any further green gunk sharing!
    I really love the new layout I know I have not said so before so I am now!

  10. Great eye drop tip! My daughter often suffers from eye problems due to allergies and putting drops in is always a fight.

  11. Yuck to the new Pinky. Hope he gets better soon. I’ll definitely be trying your eye drop tip. I usually have to chase Maddie and then sit on her while Justin puts the drops in.

  12. Getting rid of pink eye is tough…as I told you earlier, I had it 3 times over the summer..I became immune to the drops, believe it or not, it was so bad..I had to go to the emergency room…I feel for you..hope it goes away in little mans eyes and stays gone….

  13. I love the eye drops tip as that is sheer torture around here!

    That picture of Pinky on her phone is priceless.

    I am sorry mama got the eye funk, though. No fun! We have been sharing the stomach funk this weekend and trust me…it has sucked. 🙁

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