Thursday Thirteen # 3 or #125

My 3rd Thursday Thirteen is also the 125th edition of the Thursday Thirteens.

Thirteen things that happened this Christmas

1. Dad moved home from Australia for good! Woo Hoo!!!

2. DH got pinkeye. That makes all 4 of us now. Volume 1 . Volume 2.

3. I finally got a cute picture of the kids together.

4. I got PHOTOSHOP!! *doing the happy dance* Thank you mom and dad!!!

5. Played 42 at the Dixie Chicken with my brother and his friends.

6. Princess got a charm bracelet from James Avery and we’ve started her a book that tells the “tale” of each charm she receives.
*snowflake from Great Grandmother, Tiara from Great Grandfather and 3 Australian themed charms from Grandpa*

7. I got a gift card to Hastings and bought Water For Elephants
. I read it on the ride home. This is a phenomenal book, I highly suggest reading it.

8. Princess vomited in the car 3 times on the way home. *oh good times*

9. I have listened to Barbie and The Island Princess 27 times since Christmas morning. Thanks Santa.

10. My dad turned into an elf:

11. Princess and my youngest brother made sugar cookies for Santa. Princess leaned a bit too close to the beaters and lost some hair.

12. We had some really yummy food!

13. We got home and I went to the store. Apparently Monkey waited for me at the front door and fell asleep.

More Thursday Thirteens can be found on the TT homepage I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

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  1. Oh NO on the pink eye!

    Girl, Santa brought the full monty of Barbie Island Princess. Whatever you do, just don’t get the sinking karaoke styling head. It’s Miss C’s favorite toy and she took it to my mom’s this morning while I am at work for a bit. Mwaa haa haa haa. 😉

    Yea for PhotoShop and all the other great things, including your dad moving back home.

    p.s. I’ve seen Water for Elephants…I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Jamie ~ a singing head? OMG. Death to anyone who brought that to my house 🙂 LOL. We have the barbie that when you push her necklace she sings the whole song. Ugh. Now the movie… yeesh. Water for elephants was fantastic! Let me know if you read it!

    Honey~ Hi! I know, he was so exhausted. When I opened the door, it opened in to him. DH pulled the rug back and I was able to get in the house 🙂

  3. I will pray to the Pink Eye Gods to leave your family alone now! Everyone has had it now Leave! Go! Be gone with your evil self!
    Hope that helps!
    Love all the pictures…and Barbie is evil. Just plain evil.
    Yay for photo shop and for your dad moving back home!!!!!

  4. WOW. There was a LOT of variety in that 13! Poor dad and princess (those 2 pics made my eye and head hurt)
    The food shots are great and I want PHOTOSHOP!!

  5. Wow! Sounds like you had an eventful Christmas. Santa didn’t bring Maddie the Barbie Island Princess- she got Disney’s Enchanted Tales. We’ve watched it waaay too many times, already. I’ve been wanting to read Water for Elephants, but haven’t heard anything about it. I’ll be getting it soon, now.

  6. Nasty pink eye. That last picture is so darn cute, really. I remember when my kids were little like that. It just warms my heart. I wanted Photoshop for Xmas…but, hey my birthday is next Thursday maybe they will come through for me!

    Happy New Year.

  7. Sound like lots of insane fun 😉

    I miss the days when my little ones just stopped whatever they were doing, wherever they happened to be, and zonked out! It’s so precious!

    Have a wonderful new year!

  8. LOVED Water for Elephants, one of the best books I’ve read in a while! And yes I hope the pinkeye is done with your crew, it is still running rampant through mine. And thank God for headphones in the car or else I’m sure I’d know Barbie word for word. Unfortunately they were out of batteries during our Madagascar phase driving home from Ohio, that’s a movie I could recite in my sleep!

  9. I love that little monkey waited for mommy by the door, classic.

    Yeah for Photoshop, you can use the clone stamp tool to add a little hair where the bald spot is from that chunk of missing hair in the mixer!

  10. that pic of your son…priceless!!! love this tt…i’ll do it next week…when, hopefully, my mind is working again and, there is some quietness in my house!
    glad to hear your holiday was terrific! despite pink eye and vomit!!!

  11. We love the Island Princess here too. We just got a new Barbie movie today, I have watched it three times. Arg!

    Sorry about the pink eye.

    Love the photoshopping you did. Way to go mommy.

  12. Okay, whatever that marshmellow food is, I will take five.. anything with marshmellow has to be awesome!!

    I love the monkey sleeping by the door.

    I felt your pain about the vomiting princess. My boys have been throwing up for three days striaght.

    ouch on that pink eye.

  13. Sounds like you had a good Christmas…other than pink eye, vomiting, and hair loss that is…lol After so many viewings of Barbie, I’d be going nuts!

  14. So sorry about the pink eye….hope he has recovered! The Dixiechicken??? Love it….seems like my kind of….loved the little monkey, waiting by the door for his mama….too cute!

  15. Oh, the Avery charm bracelet. I went through several..and lost all of them. The dangle rings. Oh, those were the days. I got three pairs of JA earrings this year. LOVE them.

    And, you hit the Chicken? That’s funny. I only went there one time during this Longhorn’s ba in CS. It scared me silly.

    I LOVED Water for Elephants, too!!

  16. Obviously I’m pretty naive but until last night when i was watching “Knocked Up”, I thought “pink eye” was a made up disease from “South Park”. Now I’ve heard it twice in two days. Maybe we call it something different over here – is it like conjunctivitis?

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