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A Love Bomb

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to meet someone who truly inspires you.

Because of this amazing community of people that I’ve met through my computer — I’ve been lucky enough to meet more than I can count on one hand.

Way back in my first year of blogging, I met Katie through BlissDom and Blissfully Domestic.

Katie has that amazing Southern quality of appearing soft spoken and demure, while having a spine of steel and an unshakable strength.

Katie is one of those people that you pray is on your side.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen Katie go through some pretty hellacious stuff.   Yet never once, did she lose her Faith.  Never once did she whine — “Why Me?“.  Never once did she roll over and quit.

Katie pushed through with a smile (albeit sometimes a shaky one), an amazing strength and the knowledge that how she handled herself through it all was a teaching moment from her to her children (and to many of us).

Katie is a rare woman person.

Katie deserves to have some love and light and happiness and surprises and help.

Enter —-

Welcome to The Love Drop Community!_1300452313112


This year at BlissDom — I had the great fortune and immense pleasure of meeting  J$, Nate and Lauren and getting to spend time with them.

These 3 ARE inspiration


These 3 people left me in tears with laughter and then in tears with their words, their passion and their mission.

So many speak of changing the world, making a difference and these 3 — they’re doing it, one person, one family, one dollar at a time and I am forever grateful for the time that I spent with them.  J$, Nate and Lauren are the people that many of us wish to be; smart, funny, giving, moving, inspirational and driven by passion.

They have a truly wonderful online home for helping to change the lives of people one month and one dollar at a time — LoveDrop — Please take a few moments and go read about Love Drop, it’s time well spent.  And if you’re moved, as I was — you can join their community, and you should.

Katie is the recipient of the March Love Bomb — watch this video and see why so many are moved by Katie.




If you don’t want to join — or if you are inspired to join and want to give more than the $1 a month — they have a paypal account and you can send additional money to their paypal address paypal @ lovedrop.us — I did.

Katie, I’m sending you love and prayers and more love and giant hugs — CBH hugs even.  Love you, friend.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to Katie, and a wonderful writeup about the Love Drop team. Your love for both really shows through, and I am so glad to be a part of what they are doing. Thank you for the exposure the team gets through your enthusiastic support, too.

  2. Love this post, Rachel. It was great to get to know you down at BlissDom, and it’s been great working with your entire community this whole time. It truly is a special group, and I can’t wait to see the cool things we’re gonna do for Katie this month. 🙂

  3. My sweet Rach – you really are a little slice of heaven. I love your heart – Katie (and all the rest of us) are lucky to have people like you in our world. And what Nate, J$ and Lauren are doing is nothing short of remarkable… can’t wait to see how the Love for Katie changes her world for the better…. xoxo

  4. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful to see all the love for Katie. I think what makes it truly remarkable is that the love is coming from everywhere – people she knows + people she’s never met before. So so so powerful. Thank you for the passionate write-up of Love Drop + this peak into who Katie is (for those of us just meeting her through the videos). xoxo.

  5. Rachie — absolutely love this post about Katie!!Both of you are just simply amazing and I’m proud and honored to call you both friends! Can’t wait to see how this changes Katie’s world. xoxo

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