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  1. That’s awesome! The last one we had done at the Texas State Fair was…well…shall we say…less than flattering. Always fun when the artists captures something sweet. Of course, in the case of your daughter, that would be easy!

  2. aww, she is precious, and I love the characture drawing, especially the hair. I have never met your children, but I am certain that they are as amazing as you!!!


  3. I love it! I just threw the caricature I had done in the 3rd grade away. I always hated it because I had my hair in a pony tail that day so I looked like a boy. This is a wonderful caricature, and I love the picture with them both. So cute!

  4. The caricature of the girl is really cute. The young girl is so talented in drawing the feature of the face of the cute girl.

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