After The I Do’s: A Valentine’s Fairytale

In honor of Valentine’s Day and my amazing husband who has blessed me with more than I ever dreamed possible, the ability to stay at home, my children, and who supports me whole-heartedly in all my pursuits — I am re-posting my ‘After The I Do’s’ post.

It’s his favorite post, and my original love letter to him.

June 2, 2001

Why  is this post named After The I Do’s?  Why is this blog named A Southern Fairytale?

Well it’s a good question, here’s the answer.
In fairy tales; the wedding,  the I Do’s is always the ending.

Well, in my opinion, the “I Do’s” is not the ending, but merely the beginning of the amazing journey, the happily and medioc”rily” every after. ( yeah it’s a me word, deal with it)

Is it always a fairytale… hell no. But it’s sure never boring.
I had a great life before, but it really began…. ‘After the I Do’s.’
The I Do’s provided my life with more depth and dimension.
He was already mine, so to speak.

We were *practically* married,  seeing as  we were living in sin and all, but we weren’t married, and that’s the point.

The I Do’s bonded us.

We pledged before friends, family and God to be forever.  To support each other, to be the sounding board, the supporter, the lover, the best friend. It’s a serious thing and at the same time the coolest trip you’ll ever take.  Frequently, I’ve  said, “It’s just a piece of paper.”

But secretly, deep inside, I knew I was fooling myself.  I was raised on these fairy tales and who was I kidding? Exactly.. nobody. But, little did I know just exactly how much “the I Do’s” really meant and what they would mean. They changed nothing and everything all at the same time.
My trip has been going on for nearly seven years (eightmarried, 11 together) now and I’m not an expert.
We argue.. we laugh.. we produced two amazingly beautiful and so far, funny kids. We laugh, we pout, we ignore.. but most of all we communicate.. we talk.. we laugh.. we share.
This is where the fairytales always end with the veil and the tux and the horse drawn pumpkin carriage.
I got my Prince Charming and I thank God every day that he didn’t let me screw it up, he rescued me, not from a fire breathing dragon… but from myself. (Thank you, my love.)
In a fairytale the kiss always saves the princess… well in this fairynotsomuch tale… the kiss gets the princess’ attention.. but the heart and the humor that is what sealed the deal.

June 2, 2001

My other two Valentines: Princess and Monkey: You make me want to be a better person, you bring me joy and laughter and fill places of my heart that I didn’t know were empty.

I never knew that I possessed love like you have shown me. For now and for always know that your smiles light the darkest corners, your laughter brings rainbows and the sound of your ‘I love You’s’ is more beautiful to me than any melody.
You are my most precious gifts and greatest accomplishments and I feel blessed to be your Mom:



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  1. What a beautiful post. It is such a true, vulerable story – I loved reading it – reminding me of my own marriage and life God has given to me. I am new to your Blog, and am now going to be a regular reader. What a fresh perspective, and I’m glad to get to ‘know’ you!

    Written while my daughter, husband, dog and I are snuggled together watching a movie. Valentine’s day truly celebrated with LOVED ones!

    tracy’s latest brilianceLove

  2. awwwww that is sooo sweet. Girls are raised on fairytale weddings and then “The End”. Guess we all live our own fairytale. Your wedding pic is beautiful!! and can the princess and monkey be any cuter?


    Oragnic ugar Scrub’s latest brilianceSugar Scrubs

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