An Apple, An Owie and Something Devilish

Coming Home From BlissDom, I was greeted with Stargazer Lilies and this face
my favorite girl, my favorite flowers

And this. I am now a MacBook Owner!! THANK YOU NATHAN
trying the appleI am learning and loving it, but I am open to all tips and hints from MacBook owners, as well as iPhone tips and goodies, too!!

He is recovering well, thank you for all you thoughts and hugs. This is 3 days later.
sleeping monkey

silly princess

Devilishly Yummy Treat for Friday the 13th

Something Delicious From my Oven
Sausage and Egg Casserole

Weekly Winners is the gift given to us by Lotus, whom I have met and hugged and she is even more wonderful in 3-D. You should go see her pictures, read her love letter to her son and just say HI!!

Tomorrow, Monday, is Mouthwatering Monday!! Heat up your favorite recipe and join in the fun!!


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  1. You, to me, are the epitome of southern gracious beauty and goodness. I am so happy to have you in my bloggy life and now to know you outside of this computer realm; it’s such a blessing.

    Now pass the deviled eggs, yo!


  2. i LOVE my ibook. i’ve had it for 4 years. need a new one due to many trips from the counter to the floor.
    glad you had fun at blissdom. see you at BLOGHER!!! oh yeah!

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