Bedtime Drama


Isn’t that adorable? Picturesque even.
A Dad reading to his kids, it’s priceless especially because that’s uninterrupted blogging time for me a picture in time that I will keep in my heart forever.

Apparently for Monkey, it was a one time deal.

After dinner tonight Nathan said to me, “I’ll take the little one, you take the big one” meaning he’d read to Monkey and I’d read to Princess

Not a minute after I hear Nathan say “Monkey”… into the kitchen tears a sobbing Monkey and an exasperated Hubby.
So, I ask: “What’s wrong?”
Monkey: “Mo-sob-mma wead me sob
Me: “Let Daddy read to you tonight.”
louder sobbing
Monkey: “Noooooooooooooooooo, mommy wead me”
This went on for a couple of minutes.

Nathan let out a sigh that was part frustration and part disappointment, and took off down the hall to shower.
I ended up reading to both kiddos and then tucking them in.

A part of me says “Yay! Monkey loves me and wants me!” and it warms my heart and makes me want to chalk one up on the mommy board, but at the expense of a piece of my husband’s heart… not a chance.

So I’ll leave that mark on the table and go cuddle with my hubby and let him know that he’s still my number one guy.

On a happy note, Monkey has been sleeping in his vroom vroom bed for two whole weeks now! Success!

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  1. I know how your hubby probably felt. my s0n, given the choice, will almost always go to daddy. it’s a little bit heartbreaking before I remember how great it is that he has TWO parents who love him and whom he trusts. my husband goes between being flattered and feeling kind of bad for me though.

    Erin G’s latest brilianceHelping Mommy

  2. Awww…. you make sure you let him know he’s important. It’s hard because monkey is with you all day long and he’s at that attachment age.

    Cute picture.

    OHmommy’s latest brilianceStriving to get more people to stand up on their counter tops. One person at a time.

  3. I so know this moment. Now that Genny is older, it doesn’t happen as often. When she was younger though- ouch. I watched my husband’s daddy heart be wounded and it nearly killed me…

    misty’s latest briliancethose little girls in green….

  4. What a sweet post, Rachel and what a darling picture!!!

    Wanted to also let you know that my post is up – have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon – Kellan

    Kellan’s latest brilianceYou Know I’m Going To Blog About This!

  5. What a great post — it sounds like our house! We have two boys and a little girl, and it’s always even money on who will be the Most Valuable Parent of the night.

    Reading with them is a great way to send them off to sleep. (And in their own room is GREAT!)

    This is my first visit, and I’ll be sure to come back. (Kellan sent me from On the Upside — what a friend, huh?) 😉

    – Julia at Midwest Moms

    Julia at Midwest Moms’s latest brilianceSpringtime at Midwest Moms

  6. He’ll let Daddy read eventually… Connor and Jared both tend to migrate Dan’s way lately. I think that’s mostly because Emily has moved on into wanting to be read chapter books and the boys are happier with the shorter stories full of pictures. LOL

  7. Aww. Lately, Dadisodes has been the more favored. I can totally understand how your hubby felt. But at the same time, I get a few more minutes of sleep 🙂

    Momisodes’s latest brilianceWhat’s Mine Is NOT Yours

  8. 1.) I know I have already commented on this post but I have more to say.

    2.) I forgot to say how super this picture is

    3.) And how much I am LOVING your two recent foodie posts at blissful food. We are definitely going to try the pepperoni dip, and the general tso’s too! Anyone reading this post who hasn’t already experienced rachel’s extraordinary talent for finding the aweseomest recipes on the internet… go to blissful food now!!

    Erin G’s latest brilianceNathan’s First Snow

  9. My boys have always preferred me to do things with them/for them. But I know my feelings would be hurt if it were the other way around.

    I’m mso glad your Monkey has been sleeping in his bed successfully!

    Rhea’s latest brilianceWorming my way through

  10. Heh – I love that feeling of, “HEHEHEHE – the kid loves ME!!!!” and then simultaneously that feeling of, “How annoying that I have to do this, now.”


    Tranny Head’s latest brilianceMommy Guilt Dose #358,382,127

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