I remember when happiness was counting my tips after a long shift and knowing that I’d made enough to pay bills, go have drinks with Nathan, buy a new pair of shoes or jeans and pay for the next social event with my sorority.

I remember when happiness was staying up until 2 AM sitting on the apartment balcony and getting up again at 6 AM to go float the river with friends because we could.

The peak of happiness was the freedom to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted with nothing tethering us down.

Now, as a mom, happiness has a whole new meaning.

My daughter’s smile is happiness.

My son’s giggles and chubby hand in mine, that’s happiness.

Happiness is lying on my back in the grass making up stories about the clouds in the sky.

It’s staying up until 1AM making the perfect bow for my daughter’s first day of school and then waking up at 6 AM to make her the perfect breakfast.

My happiness is watching my son pull a crumpled dollar bill out of his pocket and watching him run the crane machine and come back eyes sparkling, cheeks flushed, mouth split wide in a grin and tiny chest puffed out because HE spent HIS money and just won Mama “the perfect necklace” from the crane machine and my happiness, was putting that shiny silver paint coated plastic necklace around my neck and watching him practically burst with pride and joy at his accomplishment and gift of love.

That is happiness.  That is what fills my bucket.

Scribbled crayon drawings, sticky fingers entertwined with mine, tiny hands that grab my face for kisses and the soft weight of their sleeping bodies as I carry them to bed or read them a book.

Unconditional love has taken the place of unlimited free time and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

ready to camp under the stars


This post was written as part of The Happiness Blog Project. The “Happiness Blog” is a social media project created and executed by Cecily Kellogg, sponsored by Diva

Now for the fine print:

Part of bringing happiness to your life is simplifying things so you can enjoy it to

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  1. I’m back home after taking my three-year-old daughter out to lunch, and I’m warm and fuzzy inside because she was an angel and a lot of fun and it was so nice to have the time just the two of us. We never go out to lunch but we did today because why not?

    I really like this post and your perspective.

  2. So charming! One of my happinesses (new word I just made up) is meeting wonderful people such as yourself through blogs and tweets and getting to share a bit of the day with them.

  3. Happiness is picking your kiddo up wrapping arms around her and spinning in the living room while singing. Happiness is sitting in the aisles of the bookstore with your kids looking at the covers, trying to find THE RIGHT BOOK.
    Happiness is a hug when you need it. Happiness is sitting at the edge of a lake at night with friends. Happiness is an email to say hi and letting you know you’re thought of when you’re having a rough time. 🙂

    I love your post, Rachie Boo.

  4. Today was a hard day for me. Kiddo getting to that age of defiance and testing their limits. Reading this reminds me of all those ‘little things’ that are so important and remind me of why I love being a mother!
    Thanks Rachel!

  5. You just keep bringin’ the tears this week, girlie! I think you’ve gotten me every day!
    I would blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I think it’s something else…your writing has evolved from something great to something wonderful!

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