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Homemade Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Hey all… I’m Tara from Unsophisticook, and I’m so thrilled that Rachel asked me to be part of Handmade Holidays #bakecraftsew this year! Unsophisticook is where I share my family’s favorite recipes and crafty ideas — hope you’ll check it out!

chocolate c overed espresso beans

Holidays are a hectic time of year for us all, and especially so for this momma of 5 active kiddos, so I’m always looking for simple and inexpensive gifts that I can whip up at home with the kids. If it involves chocolate-covered pretzels, like these yummy and adorable Chocolate-Covered Reindeer Antlers, or repurposes something I’ve already got laying around the house, like these DIY Chalkboard Paint Spice Jars, it gets double bonus points in my book!

Handmade gifts always seem just a little more special, in my opinion, so I’m excited to share with you all how to make your own DIY chocolate-covered espresso beans today! Are you sensing a theme with the chocolate yet???

homemade chocolate covered espresso beans


You only need three ingredients for this little project


— espresso beans, your favorite chocolate and Dutch-process cocoa powder — and you can go as high end or as low end with them as you’d like. For me, I prefer to stay somewhere in the middle to get good results without breaking the bank.

And fortunately for you all, you’re the lucky beneficiaries of all of my trial and error in making these! At first I was pulling single beans out of the chocolate and dropping them into the cocoa powder, which, as you can imagine, was taking FOREVER.

Finally I realized that if you drop small spoonfuls into the cocoa powder and stir them around with a fork, the beans will separate. Then you pass the mixture through a fine mesh strainer, and you’re left with just the chocolate-covered espresso beans. Just repeat until you’re done!

espresso chocolate beans



 A big, BIG thanks to Rachel for introducing me to all of her lovely readers. Hope you all have a fabulous and merry holiday season!



My Dad used to bring me dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Australia when he was living there, and they’re one of my favorite things.  I about fell out of my chair when I saw what Tara’s recipe was!  Thank you SO much for this amazingly delicious and easy recipe for homemade chocolate-covered espresso beans, Tara!  I can’t wait to make some!

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homemade chocolate covered espresso beans

Homemade Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

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  • 6- oz. Ghirardelli Dark Melting Wafers
  • 2/3 cup Dutch-process cocoa powder divided
  • 1 cup whole espresso beans


  • Using a double boiler (or make your own using this method), melt the chocolate wafers. Remove from hear and stir in the espresso beans.
  • Using two small-ish bowls, fill one with 1/3 cup of cocoa powder. Drop a small spoonful of the chocolate and espresso beans mixture into the cocoa powder. Fluff with a fork until all of the beans are separated and coated with the cocoa powder.
  • Set a mesh strainer over the second bowl and pass the contents of the first bowl through it, leaving just the chocolate-covered espresso beans in the strainer. Transfer the beans to a parchment-lined backing sheet to cool.
  • Continue steps 2 and 3 above until all of the beans are covered in cocoa powder, adding additional cocoa powder to the bowl as needed.
  • Allow the beans to cool and package up as gifts!
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