My insanity sponsored by the letter P

Apparently Monkey’s P, Pneumonia was lonely so another P has moved in to play. Lest Princess feel left out, this P is for her.
Pink Eye baby. That’s right. Pinky is back! If you haven’t met Pinky yet, let’s introduce you Volume 1 and Volume 2, there now you’ve been properly introduced.

At 6:45 AM she comes barreling into my room flips on the light gets right in my bleary sleep deprived (remember I’m up at Midnight and 4AM doing treatments with monkey)eyes and says: “Mom, there’s something wrong with this eye *dramatic huff here* It’s Pink eye again, isn’t it. Call the doctor”
The doctor’s office has been called and the scrip for the drops should be arriving in the Pharmacist’s (another P) capable hands soon.

Now, remember the tip we learned last time.
Lie the victim pink eye factory precious child on their back, have them close their eyes and then place the drops in the inner corner of the infected eye. When they open their eyes… the drops roll right in. No muss, No fuss.

My P for the day is Patience.
Another P for today is probably going to be:
I mean you know, keeping with the theme and all ๐Ÿ™‚

Anybody want to come over for a Playdate?

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  1. Yup, Angie said it perfectly. It’s time to move on to “Q” and quarantine. At least you know what to expect!

  2. I thought the next p would be Prozac for mommy. But, for q you could do quaaludes for the kiddos.

  3. Oh the picture is fantasic! My 4 year old often pretends to phone the doctor and speaks in a very serious tone to him. Q for quarantine does seem a good idea!

  4. My son will stub his toe and say mommy I need to go to the doctors.. It appears you have the frequent flyer mile card too..

    I hope the sick cloud passes you soon.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sounds like things are rough in your house too, with all the sickies! Hope everyone (in both our houses) is better soon!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. Rachel — we’ve had our own P issues in our home, (not the urine kind!!), and while not as uncomfortable as pink eye, certainly more disgusting.

    Can’t even bring myself to mention it!!! lol


  7. I told you ENOUGH ALREADY!!

    I wish your crew would stop this stuff!!

    Everyone get healthy!! Come on now!

    Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.


  8. Sorry for the troubles sweetie.

    I woke up this morning feel absolutely ill, come to find out Bean feels ill too, so now we’re both lying in the livingroom watching crime shows trying not to puke….

    Hope all is well with your kiddos soon!!

    Love ya~

  9. Oh..ick.. ew.. no! I hate Pink Eye! And that is how I have to put drops in my eye.. put them in closed then then open and roll my head this way and they go in. Yeah, I’m a whimp.


    That said, I always think of the episode of South Park where zombies are taking over the town and the doctors keep diagnosing everyone with “Pink Eye”


  11. loralee: OMG. I think that’s one of roughly 4 episodes of SP I have ever seen. *giggling*
    The Doc changed his mind and won’t call in the scrip. She must be seen… We have a double DR appt tomorrow. Ugh.

  12. I hate the pink eye, we battled it early this winter, it took forever to go away.
    I hope everyone get better quickly.
    That pizza looked great, I hope your looks that great.

  13. Lie to me and tell me you did not MAKE that pizza. Holy crap.

    And Angie is right. At least you know what’s coming!

  14. I feel your Pain, get it….

    At least one of my boys have been sick the entire month of February. It is killing me.

  15. Oh, I’m sorry about the pink eye – crap!! We’ve delt with our share of pink eye around here – too often! I hope it clears up soon.

    I liked your list of P’s – the pizza looks like a great idea!

    I don’t know why I didn’t realize that you were in Corpus – where have I been!?! I’m coming to see you this summer – one day you are gonna get an e-mail and I am going to load of my Big Blue Van full of kids and I am comin’ to the beach – tee hee!

    Hey – are you going to BlogHer in July?! I’m going! I hope you are.

    See you later – Kellan

  16. Ugh. That is awful. I hate to break it to you but even if you drove the 6 hours we would turn you away in your current condition…! So sorry…maybe next week? I hope things get better soon.

  17. Okay, your post is the 3rd (or 4th?) I’ve read today that has brought up pizza! Guess what I’m going to have for lunch?

    Sorry about the icky pink eye ๐Ÿ™

    Blog Hoppin’,
    Balancing Hops

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