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Princess strikes again or Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Let’s set the scene shall we:

We arrived home around 7:45 P.M. yesterday. Ahhh the sweet glorious bliss that is home. Mom, Dad, I love y’all but it is so good to be home!

Around 9:30 Shut up, I know. It’s going to take me a week to get back to 8:00 bed times.
Nathan read Princess her books and I went in to do her spell then the two of us cuddled on the couch together to watch Bones and enjoy being in each other’s presence.
Cue Princess.
Out prances Princess in her pink satin, dessert covered pajamas, tousled blond hair, big blue eyes and a world class pout on her lips. She crawls into Nathan’s lap and this is what she says.

“Daddy, I have the growing pangs”
Daddy: “Oh honey, where does it hurt?
She lifts up her right leg and rubs it. “Right here Daddy, all up and down.”
We wait for her to acknowledge the other leg…. crickets chirping….. nothing.
I start giggling and rolling my eyes.
Daddy: “Princess, you need to remember the next time you want to fake growing ‘pangs’ to use both legs or arms or the whole body, K?”
She looks up at him with those huge blue eyes, shrugs her shoulders and says: “Okay Daddy, will you carry me back to bed now and read me another book?”
and you know what… He DID it. Sucker!!!
But I love that he’s a sucker for her. There really is nothing quite so sweet as a Daddy and his little girl.

We’re home! WooHoo! yippity skippity! Yes, I’m 12… deal with it 🙂
Everything seems to have survived Dolly fairly well. There are branches lining the streets in my neighborhood, flooded fields all along 77 and about 3 inches of mud and sludge covering my patio, oh and then there are the rats and the bugs. Yes, I said it Rats and Bugs.
The heavy rains and winds chased all the little ‘woodland’ creatures and creepy crawlies scurrying for shelter and that shelter, our attic and house. Yes, I am creeped out to the nth degree.
We have exterminators coming on Monday, the couldn’t come sooner because they are booked solid. Apparently we aren’t the only household suffering from the skittering, scurrying, creepy crawly, multi legged yuckies.
Thank you for all of your sweet notes and e-mails checking on me and my family, and inquiring into Granny and your prayers for her.
Y’all are amazing.

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  1. Princess is awesome! You better watch out for that one!
    Glad you made it home and the damage was minimal. Although I would have waited until after the exterminator, EWW!

  2. I’m so glad you survived!

    And, your Princess…I’m thinking mine is going to be the same way! But, it’s soooooo cute!

  3. Glad to hear that everything’s alright, hon, and that your back home. I’ll check in with you sometime tomorrow, so keep the strawberry nearby! Love ya!

  4. I’m so glad you all faired well. Yeah…I’m freaked out by the creepy things too. We had an exterminator out this morning because the ants are taking over. Good luck with the clean up end of things.

  5. I love that princess. Totally a daddy’s girl.

    I am sooooooo a daddy’s girl. He bought me THIS LAPPY for my 31st birthday this month.

    Yup. He totally did.

    Love Daddy’s girls.

  6. My husband is just like that. We’ve been trying to reprimand our son for not getting out of bed in the morning (like, AT ALL) and I kept telling my husband how sad our little guy was after I would scold him in the morning…that it just broke my heart, but I was going to stick with it. My husband saw him with his big old tears ONCE and caved.

  7. I’m glad you managed to get the exterminator. UGH. Creepy crawlies make me shiver.

    And, I think Princess has daddy wrapped very tightly.

  8. That was a great story! She definitely sounds like she’s got her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Oh, and EEEEEK about the bugs and the rats. EWWWW!!!

    On that note . . . I invite you to stop by my blog to enter in my very first bloggy giveaway.

  9. Glad that all was still standing…though the bugs I could do without!
    Glad too, that you had a good vacation.
    Blessings, E

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