They Call Him The Streak

No, seriously.
Monkey is a full fledged streaking exhibitionist.
He is also totally anti diaper. He has perfected not only the strip, flip and roll (similar to stop drop and roll, but one saves lives and the other annoys moms) technique of diaper removal featured below. He has also fully mastered the strip off all clothing and diaper in the crib technique.
Why just 15 minutes ago I went to go get him from his nap and I opened the door to find him liberally watering the Berber. His pants were across the room and his diaper was under his dresser. He’s got talent, I’ll give him that much.
So, while I wash his sheets, comforter, mattress protector and clothes… I have that Junior Brown song running through my head.

I present to you, the streaking Monkey.

The Strip, Flip and Roll

a MomGyver solution for naptime

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  1. That is so hilarious. Great idea for the duck tape on the diaper. I’ll have to remember that in case i need it one day. Gotta love that cute little monkey though.

  2. omg…that tushie…i. must. squeeze. that. tushie!!!
    my son is still a nudist. we have a july 4th party…everyone was wearing a bathing suit in the pool…except him…and, there were a lot of people here, giving me disapproving glances. i was like…dude, i’m only the mother…shrugging my shoulders! love the duct tape idea…should have thought of that…only, i would have had to duct tape around his private area, like a silver bathing suit!! speedo…look out!

  3. SSS~ How much would duck tape hurt being pulled off? Somewhere in the blogosphere there’s a picture of a duck tape diaper. You know there is πŸ™‚ That was electrical tape because I didn’t want to go out to the garage for the duck tape, but it works!
    I love his little tushie. His sister is a nudist too. She’s 4.

  4. So cute! A friend of mine had to resort to duct tape on the diaper, too. Her Houdini was always pulling off his diaper.

  5. So adorable (because it’s not me trying to diaper him). Love love love that chubby little tushie!

  6. You can’t diaper what you can’t find…LOL! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks to you, girl, I now have Ray Steven’s version of The Streak running through my brain.

    He looks mighty mischevious.

  7. So cute! Luckily my girls at least keep the nether regions covered. otherwise the prefer to be au natural πŸ˜‰

  8. That’s just too funny! What a cutie little monkey you have. Yes, I’m not looking forward for those days to come. My son is just 7 months. I must remember that duct tape technique for future use!! LOL

  9. There is certainly NO shame in his game! (hee-hee)

    I remember this phase well….and not fondly! Good luck surviving it!

    PS: Why are baby booties SO stinking cute? πŸ™‚

  10. i have 3 nudists in this house. Though never actually could tape the diapers…might have to though!
    He is adorable though!

  11. LOL. Put the diaper on backwards… He’ll figure it out, of course, but it’s fun as hell to watch them try the first time. πŸ™‚

  12. hahaha! That’s funny as heck!
    I’m taking notes in case my baby grows up to be anti-diaper! LOL
    ps. Thanks for the add on 356 days of blogging. =)

    Adding you to my main blog blogroll. =)

  13. haha, that first picture could have been my little boy a year ago!!! It is the spit of exactly what he used to do. He still strips off by the way. It’s embarrassing when people knock on my door and he’s running around with not a thread on him…

  14. I officially laughed at the tape around the diaper for nearly 5 minutes! Love it! We also have a streaker in our home!:)

  15. Hilarious!
    I love the tape!
    You have got your hands full, you might as well move to a nudist colony. Fighting his naked tendencies for the next ummm 17 years is NOT going to be fun!

  16. I used to duct tape Jack in his diapers too! I don’t blame them for not wanting to wear diapers, who would want to sit in their own crap? But, if you don’t want to sit in it, do what the rest of us have and do your peepee in the potty!

  17. Love the duct tape idea. These pictures are too cute!! And as everyone else has stated.. what a cute tushie!

  18. Sitting here six months pregnant, all I can say, is if my little hiney looked that adorable, I’d be streaking too.

    Thanks for your lovely comments over at my place. They were wonderful!

  19. Reminiscing the days when my babies were little . . . oh, and I have that SAME shower curtain, in our MONKEY bathroom (aka, the kids bathroom)! Great minds . . .

  20. I almost hate to admit it in writing, but we seem to have gained some control over the nudist colony in our house. Elastic pants are a bad, bad idea, but other than that, I can almost convince myself that I am the boss. Almost.

  21. Believe it Carrie! πŸ™‚

    Bren, Target baby, Target! It is all about the Tarjay!
    We have the whole kit n caboodle Monkey Bathroom decor and it is precious!

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