This Week in Happiness {Week 18}

“Be an encourager.  The World has enough critics already”

~ Dave Willis

One of my favorite things happening this past week has been my delivery of more del campo t’mates {for whom I am a recipe developer}.  I have been blistering and blackening them on my grill for the most ridiculously mouth-wateringly, deliciously, rich, smoky, spicy salsa I’ve ever had.  So phenomenally wonderful. {recipe coming next week}

cooking t'mates on the grill for salsa

I’ve been all over Pinterest this past week, drooling over the recipes you’ve been posting and dreaming over how I’m going to become more DIY.

For Example:

I really, really want to  buy a wood burner so that I can make these DIY Wood Burned Spoons from Cherished Bliss

DIY Wood Burned Wooden Spoons | Cherished Bliss
DIY Wood Burned Wooden Spoons | Cherished Bliss



Amy, from Mom Advice, is a longtime friend, and someone I greatly admire. I kinda tripped over my tongue when she posted these 5-Ingredient Caprese Pork Chops. Y’all really have to go check them out, and tell her HI!!


5 Ingredient Caprese Pork Chops
5 Ingredient Caprese Pork Chops | Mom Advice


Memorial Day Weekend is coming up, and at least one of our grills (we have 4) will be fired up with some sort of treat, and I think the perfect side dish to just about anything I could make would be this delectable sounding Potato Salad Recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod.  Really, anything that Maria and Josh post is guaranteed to be good, but this caught my eye because I am a potato salad lover.

Potato Salad Recipe
Two Peas and Their Pod Potato Salad Recipe


Is it summer for y’all yet?  Summer is poking it’s hot little head around the corner here, and while I love the thought of long, lazy days stretching ahead of us, I’m also loving the idea of a bucket list.  This 100 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List from Mom’s Confession is pretty fantastic.  If you’re looking for a little creative inspiration, it’s a must see.

100 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket list Ideas from Mom’s Confessions


I’ve definitely been bitten by the DIY bug, and am always inspired by DIY-ers – so when I saw this DIY Vintage Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Makeover – over on Water Water Everywhere! I had to save it, and share it with y’all.

Vintage KitchenAid Mixer Makeover
Vintage KitchenAid Mixer Makeover on Water Water Everywhere


Stitch Fix has been filled with wins and losses for me.  I’ve had ‘fixes’ where everything went back, I’ve had fixes where one thing went back.  My fix this week, was 3/5 fabulous!  I think the Coral 41 Hawthorne Dress is my new favorite dress, and I adore the cobalt blue shirt, too!

A Southern Fairytale's Stitch Fix: Fix 7
Stitch Fix: Fix 7

The Stitch Fix Breakdown

I absolutely adore the swingy, fun, flattering coral wrap dress with the pockets.  I pretty much want to wear it everywhere.

The bib necklace is not something I would ever try on if left to my own devices, but I absolutely love it.  Nathan did, too.

Stitch Fix needs to quit sending me Skinny Jeans.  NO NO NO.  They are either too low cut, too long in the crotch, or just otherwise a no.  I’m not a skinny jeans girl.  period. end. of. story.

The black metal studded top was actually really cute, but it was heavy to wear, and  I was really on the fence about it.  Nathan reminded me that if I’m on the fence, chances are it’ll get more hanger time than body time.  It’s going back.

The Cobalt Blue Tart Top.  The color is absolutely phenomenal, and the more I wear it, the more I like it.  I need tops that accentuate my waist, aren’t too low cut, and if they’re going to fall at my hips.. they better accentuate my waist and coloring.  This top does both!

Out of this month’s Stitch Fix (I think it’s my 7th)  I’m keeping 3 of the 5 items!!  If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, you should.  It’s a personal shopper and stylist, and seriously y’all, worst case scenario, you’re out $20.  Best Case.. you learn a bit about fashion, yourself, and you try styles and fits and cuts you never would have otherwise!

~~~Don’t forget to check out my favorite new sandwich:  The Ultimate BGT and enter to win 1 of 3 $100 Amazon Gift Cards!~~~

toasted bacon and guacamole sandwich with sliced del campo t'mates


What’s making you happy this week?


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    1. Doesn’t that sound fun, Amanda?! I’m totally stealing that idea to do with my kiddos! I also saw an idea for a summer random acts of kindness! LOVE THAT

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes, you pay for the additional items that you keep. You get your $20 styling fee towards your purchase, and if you keep all 5 you get an additional 25% discount! You get to pick your average costs in your profile.

  1. Love the bucket list! And your stitch fixes. I can say that from personal experience, that blue top looks great on you in person. 🙂 Also, the fact that you are not a skinny jeans person makes me like you more. Because I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN’T DO THEM. There has to be at least one more person I really like not in skinny jeans with me. Oh, and the t’mates need a warning: do not bite into near laptop. I sprayed mine with them. 🙂

    1. HA! I knew we were kindred spirits (in more than just food!) and thank you 🙂
      okay, the T’mates thing was pretty funny 🙂

      I’m so starting a bucket list!

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