Wheelers, Princess and A Very Distraught Monkey

Dear Princess,

I was so excited when your Uncle sent me Return To Oz because I remember how much he and I enjoyed watching it. Granted, it’s darker than the original and there aren’t any musical numbers, but there’s Mombi and her multiple heads, Pumpkin Jack and Tick-Tock and it’s really quite fun.

Imagine my delight when you and Monkey showed such interest in watching it with me. Watching it every.single.day. I thrill at watching the way y’all’s little minds race and question and soak in all the magic and wonder of new worlds. Watching y’all spread the wings of your imaginations as you played Return To Oz together, creating new story lines for them, new ways of escape and new adventures for them to embark upon.

Now, imagine my irritation tonight when after putting Monkey down tonight, he came out of his room SEVEN times crying about ‘wheels‘. Finally, after the EIGHTH incident, I came to your room and woke you up to see if you could possibly enlighten me as to what had your brother so distraught.
When you calmly said “Wheelers it dawned on me.
There are wheels on his bed

I’m sure it was no surprise to you when my head exploded off my shoulders and began rotating 360 degrees with steam shooting out of my ears when you told me that you had thought it was funny to tell Monkey that his bed would turn into Wheelers at night and they were coming to get him.

if you don’t know what a wheeler is.. allow me to show you

I am terribly sorry that I left you in your room crying, but you cannot begin to comprehend my level of irritation and frustration with you. Your brother never once thought the wheelers were scary or real, until you took it upon yourself to scare the ever lovin’ hell out of him.

I know that you didn’t intend to scar your brother or cause him to become frightened of his very favoritest thing in the whole wide world. His vroom vroom bed. I know that you love your brother more than anything and would never have intentionally hurt him in any way, which is why I didn’t get mad at you, it’s why I left the room and tended to him, so that I wouldn’t take my frustrations out on you.
Because I know that your tender heart and sweet 5 year old mind didn’t realize the damage and fear you were inflicting upon your poor 2 year old brother. It is for that reason that when I came back in your room, I wiped away the tears from your big blue eyes and told you how much I love you, how sweet you are and that if you ever do anything like that again… I”m giving Monkey your bed and you’re sleeping in the vroom vroom bed.


I love you.

Your very tired Momma

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  1. Mombi and her heads … and actually, now that I think about it … EVERYTHING in that movie scared me so badly as a kiddo! I don’t know how your kids stand watching it. Even as an adult I’m slightly frightened by it!
    [rq=1449,0,blog][/rq]Taking chances

  2. I’m laughing but I’m doing it empathetically as an older sister. Also-commending you for exposing your children to quality cinema at a young age. Labyrinth, the Last Unicorn, NeverEnding Story- what’s next?

  3. Oh how I giggled to read this! I LOVED that movie, growing up! Everything about it! Brought back memories, but poor Monkey!

  4. Hahahahaha! *breathe* Hahahahaha!!

    Sorry, but that’s the sort of things my girls constantly do to one another and I’m forever finding kids trying to climb into my bed at night as a result! Poor Monkey! LOL

    I have a feeling this will fall under the category of “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!” when he discovers that revenge can be sweet sometimes.

  5. @sarah and @momofali my kids rock ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL Sorry it skeered y’all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @tokissthecook all three of those movies have been viewed and LOVED by kids!!!!
    @marie and @dysfunctionalmom and so it begins ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @monkeysuncle I think they would have loved it.. It’s Princess’ teasing that freaked Monkey out. YOU know how big sister’s are.

  6. Man, it’s so hard to know when the crying is the real deal and when it’s something to be waited out. I feel for you.

    Also? Really hope having only boys means we won’t have quite the emotional sibling torture all you parents of girls get to endure. Have fun with that!
    [rq=1639,0,blog][/rq]as one door closes

  7. Now I’m REALLY glad that I didn’t buy a copy of Dark Crystal for you, too. I don’t think you and Nate would get the room to yourselves till Monkey and Princess moved out of the house!

    Seriously though, when I showed Return to Oz to Melissa, I was STILL creeped out by some of the stuff in that movie that got me as a kid. Just put a trash can in the room with one of those metal bowls on top and tell Monkey that it’s Tick-Tock, and that he’s in charge of guarding the room.

  8. @Rachel: I have no idea what you could be referring to. My big sister was the most wonderful, loving sibling in the whole wide world growing up, and she never once teased or tormented me.

    Oh, and speaking of Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s company is making a sequel, and yes, this one is 100% puppets as well. No CGI.

  9. As the baby sister…I’m sad to inform you it only gets better! My brother and sister used to enjoy telling me all kinds of boogie man stories because they knew I was afraid of the dark. Add to that…they liked to leave me in a room by myself knowing that I was afraid of the dark…turn off the light and close the door. Of course my sister shared a room with me and got to hear me cry in my sleep from the bad dreams…and she always hopped out of bed to make me feel better and to share her dollies so I wouldn’t be afraid anymore.
    [rq=2315,0,blog][/rq]What’s On YOUR Mind?

  10. ok now that is just too hilarious. and at the same time I totally get why he was scared. I used to watch that movie over and over too. But those wheeler guys ARE really scary! In fact I was kind of scared in general while watching that movie but I loved it anyway.

    Am I mistaken that at one point Dorothy picked a lunchbox full of food off of a lunchbox tree? I remember thinking that was WAY cool.
    [rq=2406,0,blog][/rq]Please help me pick a photo!

  11. ummm that short clip freaked me out…I may have nightmares…Just wait until he figures out how to “torture” her back ๐Ÿ™‚
    [rq=2669,0,blog][/rq]Random Tuesday Thoughts – Baby Baby Baby

  12. @jen I’m sorry! hope we didn’t traumatize you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Tara R they both seem completely unscathed today (not so much me)

    @mrs 007 that is one of Princess’ favorite parts, too!

    @badassdadblog since he is one of those kids that RARELY comes out of his room after being put to bed, this kind of behavior was super suspect.

    @alygator I SWEAR that said she shared her dollars with you and I was thinking you had a good gig going ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Aww, poor everyone!! Monkey, Princess and you. These are the kinds of things you can never anticipate in a million years. You know what would fix that? Get Monkey his own pair of Wheeler wheels. I never saw the movie, but when I saw those guys on wheels I thought “I GOTS to get me a set up like that!!” Imagine me wheeling thru the office like that. I already terrorize my staff with that evil laugh, so I am halfway there.
    [rq=3115,0,blog][/rq]When a Blogger Meets a Blogger Grillin’ Up the Rye

  14. My middle son is 21 – still hates the monkeys in WoO—so you can imagine his reaction when I got a musical BD card from my sister this year…with that music and flying monkeys in it! We were watching Tin Man (remake of it by SciFi Channell-very good)…and the monkeys came flying out of the tattoos on her cleavage….very cool…he still freaked ;D

  15. UGH!

    I think you handled it well. I am not handling well how the older boys tell Rhett that Thomas, Bob the Builder, Construction Trucks and everything else a 3 year old boy LOVES is UNCOOL. So uncool.
    [rq=3641,0,blog][/rq]The $17.99 cake give or take $48.99

  16. I didn’t even know there was a movie. I started reading the OZ books to my two girls this year. My oldest, who is the same age as princess, LOVES them. My 3 year old isn’t old enough to follow books without pictures for a period of time longer than 5 minutes, but still she enjoys them. We are on the 3rd book now, Ozma of OZ. Luckily my kids have not had nightmares about the Wheelers or Mombi.

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