Leaves and Grass- Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesdays

~~ Special thanks to Grandpa for raking all those leaves, over and over and over and over and over and over. It provided endless joy for her, and me.


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  1. Future Envy of the PTA says

    Thank you so much for your comments! I’ve been catching up on your page for the past couple of weeks and I looooove it, especially the banner across the top!
    These are great pics, btw! She looks so happy! Reminds me of my great childhood. :)

  2. Meg says

    LOVE your pics! Thanks for stopping by! I tried to access your “other” blog…guess I need an invite, huh?

    Love your blog too, I will check in often!

  3. Melody says

    That’s the key to a good leaf jump – having someone patient enough to rake and rake and rake.

    This brings back childhood memories. Love the pictures.

  4. jennifer says

    Adorable photos…but i can’t get over the fact that she’s wearing summer clothes.


    Stupid winter.

  5. OHmommy says

    Rachel… awesome pictures in mid-action. WOW!

    I can’t wait to get outside. If Spring does not arrive soon, I might just have to plan a trip to YOUR house. LOL

  6. Rachel says

    Amy, it so does! We were just watching videos of her from 1 year ago and I am absolutely floored at the growing and maturing she has done in the last year, it is unreal!

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