First Day of Pre-School 2010

first day of preschool 2010


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    • says

      Thanks, Amanda!
      He actually started last year, 2 days a week. He was 2, nearly 3 (his birthday is Sept 20th). He’s about to be 4 and this year they start more curriculum.
      Last year it was play, socialization, field trips, shapes, colors etc… things that sadly, a lot of kids don’t get at home. He LOVED it and it was a nice 2 days a week for me to get work done or errands!!

      He LOVES it. Last year was more of a struggle on some days, this year… he could NOT wait!

  1. kim @ mommyknows says

    What a cutie! He definitely looks ready :)

    My youngest starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks. She is excited. I am dreading it.

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      awe <3 y’all are both going to love it! I had one start kinder last year and she starts 1st on Monday and it’s such an amazing time.

      My favorite part of the day.. asking her what her favorite part of the day was and what her least favorite.. who she met.. what she learned.. and watching her change and grow and experience…

      It’s amazing

    • says

      :-) He was BEYOND excited and he had such an awesome day! His teacher told me he was such a great helper that she let him pick the book at story time. This is HUGE for him!

    • says

      Thanks, Dawn! You’ve seen him, you know he never sits still ;-) He was practically vibrating on the fireplace.. out of about 20 pics.. 3 aren’t blurred from movement ;-)

  2. says

    I am so glad that he was such a great helper for the teacher today! I’m so grateful that he is so excited about school. His teacher will fall in love with him. He is so funny and so kind that she won’t be able to resist him.
    Bebe´s most recent brilliance ..First Day of Pre-School 2010


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