Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 5}


Oh my goodness, y’all!  It’s a good thing that Mouthwatering Mondays is a BLOG post instead of a VLOG, because I don’t have a voice!!!! My voice started going right before my session on The Principles of Storytelling at BlogHer Food on Friday morning, and by Saturday’s closing party – I was whispering. I had such… 

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Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013


I love what I do, I love this blog and that it gives me a space to share my life and my family’s life with y’all. It gives me a place to share my passion for food, photography and writing with y’all. It has also afforded me some wonderful opportunities and trips. One of the… 

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Copa Cabana Guacamole

desert island guac

This is definitely not your traditional guacamole   It’s not like any guacamole I’ve ever had. This is the recipe for the Copa Cabana Tropical Guacamole that my group came up with during the Avocado Workshop at EVO. This is the same workshop where we worked with no power other than generators, and where the… 

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Glimpses of EVO 2012

PC Fire Hydrant

Breathtaking     In Case of Emergency     Recycling, Park City Style     So Many Stories     Jump on THREE     Jump Take 1   Jump take 57     Put EVO on your must attend list.  Seriously More photos and stories to come

EVO and Together Counts

Together Counts - closing shirts

‘I’m going to EVO…. I’m going to EVO….I’m going to EVO’ Go ahead and imagine those words accompanied by sing songing and skipping and a great big goofy smile because all 3 of those things have happened when I say those words! I am ridiculously giddy and super excited to be attending my first EVO… 

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Capturing Bliss

jenny on the spot

One of my favorite parts about conferences is coming back home and reflecting.  Reading over my notes, reading my friends’ notes, IM’g, Skype-ing, and Twittering about all the ideas, inspiration and information whirling and swirling inside our heads. Capturing the moments, both in words and images and then sharing them – that is a powerful… 

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Why Blissdom?


Because Surprises Learning Food   Laughter Friends The Memories   BlissDom ’11 from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo. Why Blissdom?  Because of everything you see in those images and that video and more. Because after months and years online, to hug, hold hands with, laugh with, cry with and share experiences with the people whose… 

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Prepping for Bliss

Prep for Bliss Package

  Yes, I squee’d when I got my Prep for Bliss package yesterday! Thank you so much to all the wonderful Blissdom Sponsors for all those wonderful little goodies! Are you going?  Let me know in the comments and PLEASE leave me your twitter URL so I can make sure I’m following you! PS –… 

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Rachel’s Blissfully Delicious Wrap


[donotprint]Y’all, I swear,  I really wanted to title this post: “So, This One Time at BlissDom” but, it turns out, I already wrote that post There are so many amazing moments swirling in my heart and mind from BlissDom, that I can’t quite get them down on ‘paper’ yet. However,  one really spectacular moment for… 

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So, This One Time… At BlissDom


I met this guy, named George. Y’all might have heard of him? George Duran Any hoo — This was George’s (see, we’re so on first name basis) second BlissDom and this year, as I was chatting with the people at the ConAgra Booth while George was filming, Dan mentioned: “You’re a George fan, right? and… 

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Happy Birthday, Jana!


Happy Birthday, to you Happy Birthday, to you Happy Birthday, sweet Jana-nana Happy Birthday, to you! This is Jana. Jana was the rockstar choreographer of the #Blissdom Flashmob which might be the most fun thing that I’ve done all year!! Jana picked me up at the airport and the moment I saw her — I… 

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