Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookies

holiday molasses spice crinkle cookies

These Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookies are just one of many of my favorite southern holiday traditions. These cookies are made year after year, by generation after generation. They’re made from recipe cards tattered by age, discolored by drips of molasses and sugar crusted fingers, the paper worn soft with age and use, the scent of ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and cloves woven into the recipe cards themselves.

Do You Boo?

boo bucket closeup

Do you Boo? As best I can tell, Boo-ing is a southern tradition.  It seems to be as southern as monogrammed yetis, golf carts at pickup, apple pie, and maroon vs orange.  (Gig ’em!) This kind of Boo-ing  isn’t the kind that you do when you jump out of the shadows and scream “Boo”  at… 

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Game Day Eats

friday night lights

Football and Texas They’re practically synonymous, right? Around here, football means family, food, and friends. If there’s a game on – there’s a crowd and cheering and sharing and laughter and memories being made. My very first football game that I can remember was at Kyle Field, watching the Aggies.  I have no idea who… 

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A Texas Thanksgiving Menu

thanksgiving turkey and dressing

Hey y’all! The weather is finally cooling off down here in Texas, Princess’ birthday has passed (TEN! She is TEN! – How did that happen?) which means it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving!!  We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I’m really excited to A)not be traveling and B)having Thanksgiving in my own house!! I… 

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More Than Just a Decoration

our tree

You know those Christmas Trees that you see in the Mall or in magazines and craft stores, y’all know the ones that I’m talking about, they’re perfection… swathed in gorgeous ribbons and lights, all the ornaments are color coordinated and the trees just take your breath away. I love those trees. That’s not our tree,… 

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Five S’more Recipes for National S’mores Day

s'mores skewers in crushed graham crackers

August 10th is National S’mores Day   That’s right, there’s a day dedicated to celebrating the delicious marriage of graham crackers, chocolate and ooey gooey toasted marshmallows. This day deserves multiple moments of silence. In honor of National S’mores Day, I thought I’d share a few delicious and brilliant S’mores recipes with y’all.    … 

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