Lunchbox Love

lunchbox notes and love with good food

 How do you master the lunchbox?  Do you pack lunches a week at a time, do you include notes, sandwiches cut in fun shapes? One of my lunchbox traditions is to write a note on a napkin or paper towel and put it into the kids’ lunch boxes every day.  Some days it’s a drawing,… 

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Life 365 – Week 4

Life 365 Week 4

Week 4 Day 22: #ReynoldsRealMoms Dinner Day 23: SNOW – this Texas girl absolutely flipped out and spent quite a bit of time out in the snow during the ReynoldsRealMom shoot! Day 24: This still makes me giggle 😉 Day 25: Les Miserables with my mom – what’s an epic movie without a vat of… 

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Life 365 – Week 3

week 3

Week 3 of 365 days of pictures. I missed a day… OOPS   Day 15: Unreal Candy Day 16: Cash Day 17: She Who Leaves a Trail of Glitter is Never Forgotten Day 18: Basil and Roasted Red Peppers Day 19: Car Day 20: CANNONBALL! Day 21: Week 2   Week 1

Life 365 – Week 2

Project 365, Week 2

2 Weeks in to Project 365 for 2013. We’re spending most of our days in the hospital with Gran, so the majority of my pictures are iPhone pics of life at the hospital and in the family lounge.   Day 8.  Waiting and Watching Day 9. Cullen Sticker on a car in Victoria Day 10. … 

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Life 365 – Week 1

Project 365 Week 1

  I’m going to attempt Project 365 for 2013. Maybe year 3 will be the lucky one One picture a day for 365 days. The best camera I have, is the one in my hands.. so some will be canon, some will be iPhone, some may be with Princess’ Nikon.. who knows. 1/1/13 – Miss… 

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Who Me?

who me steal your cornbread?

This is the face of a little boy that snuck in and started eating the cornbread I was photographing when my back was turned… It’s really hard to get mad at that face.

Ogres are Like Onions


  I love the Shrek movies and I love Onions. I go through a good dozen onions a week, red and yellow and white… I love onions. I’ve been known to caramelize onions in butter just for the smell. It’s comin’ up on slow cooker season and I have just made the most amazing slow… 

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A Boy and His Dog

a boy and his dog

  Other Stuff I’ve Written This Week: Camping with Your Family on the Together Counts Blog Let’s GO! Happy Sunday, y’all!  Tell me what you’re thankful for or what you’ve written that I should be reading this week!