Fun Story Friday

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road… follow, follow, follow, follow… follow the…
Okay, not so much a yellow brick road as a trail of rainbow colored cereal winding it’s way down my hallway, through the living room and back into the kitchen and then finally.. the pantry floor.
Yes, my very own personal little munchkin apparently not wanting me to lose my way (he’s considerate like that), very thoughtfully provided me with a trail to follow so that I could find him. Him being my adorable one year old now very happily ensconced in a pile of fruity pebbles. A smile worth a million dollars, a face covered in rainbow remnants and sugar glazed eyes staring up at me in utter contentment. What could I do? Grin, laugh and join him on the floor. Vacuuming comes later. This moment. Well, it’s one that I wouldn’t miss for all the money in the world. So we spent the next thirty minutes crawling around the floor and enjoying rainbow flakes.

I was too busy playing with him to capture it on film. I do however, have the picture of him from when he dumped a whole box of rice krispies out on the floor near him. That’s a post for another day. Hmmmm, what is it with this kid and cereal?

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  1. Its so great when they give us a moment like this!
    As far as what is with him and the cereal, I have no idea! My kids do the same thing!

  2. Aww. I loved reading this! I have to make myself stop and remember to enjoy those little moments, too. They go so fast.

  3. I have dogs… So there would be no trail to be left, because they’ll gobble anything that comes close to reaching the floor.

    Thanks for visiting me! And your kids look adorable!

  4. Way to go with getting on the floor and playing and picking up! I haveta say that I’d be the mom who’d miss that opportunity. So good for you!

  5. You added me! I am so excited. Thank you very much. I am glad that my posts amuse you. I appreciate your feedback. It makes writing fun to know that its being read and enjoyed!
    You might have noticed that your site is listed first among my favorite 10. This is not by accident. I have an elaborate system of determining which blogs are my favorites. Yours is tops!
    I have been thinking about doing a post about my 10 favorites, complete with an award. I just haven’t figured out how to put it all together yet. Maybe this weekend.

  6. LOL…every kid has a thing about something. For my two year old boy, it is the toothbrush. He loves climbing up the bathroom sinks to grab (and chew!) them. It is annoying and yucky and yet, cute of him. But which is why the bathroom door is always locked with those plastic thingys..AT ALL TIMES! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. I like what I’m seeing here too! Let me know if you want to exchange links. :)

  7. These are the moments to always remember and cherish! As frustrating as they can be, oh, they can be soooo much FUN, too!

  8. LOL. I remember the rice crispies one…did he get the broom and clean up after this one too? Or did he move on to bigger things like the vaccuum? LOL.. he is such a cutie! Can ya have him come up here and teach my kid how to clean up?

  9. i’m so in touch with this right now b/c my baby is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. I swear we’ve seen that movie 40 times in the past week!

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