Real Men Do Housework

Okay, Monkey is best known for his climbing and his bizarre cereal dumping obsession.
Seen here.

But now I have proof! He cleans!! When we got married one of my mom’s dearest friends gave me a “house basket” A darling wine bottle holder that had a glass bottle for dish soap, some cute towels and a magnet that said: “Real Men Do Housework”
Seven years later, that magnet is still on our fridge and we’re raising the next generation of southern gentlemen with that in mind.
What follows here are a couple of pictures that show that he is capable of more than just making a mess. He is also very capable of letting his sister dress him up and his mom take what will someday be very embarrassing pictures of him. I did not pose him for any of these pictures. He has a serious obsession with the dishwasher. It doesn’t matter where he is in the house, open that dishwasher and he’s there in a flash. The kid moves at a disturbingly fast turbo toddler speed when he wants something.

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  1. My Bug loves to help me clean, and he’s 9.

    Of course, the help has to be HIS idea. If I even remotely suggest it…. there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in my household.

  2. What is it wish kids and brooms? I can’t sweep without my toddler trying to “helpoo” – it’s cute, but oh-so-inefficient. πŸ™‚

    Love the tutu! Real men wear pink, too ya know!

  3. Oh my gosh – so cute! My little guy (17 months) LOVES the dishwasher too. how funnny. Great tutu! You MUST use that picture in his high school year book!

  4. How adorable!!! Did you get the shirt in Target? I bought the same one for my oldest.. oh how I love Target.. sorry I digress..

    What a cute little helper!!

  5. Oh how cute!! Watch out on that dishwasher though, my little one cracked my door and we had to get a new one, NOT FUN!!
    And can you send your little dude over to teach my GIRLS a thing or two about housework? Geez, princesses…

  6. hehehe…oh he is soooo going to hate you when you whip out those pics in front of his high school girlfriend!!! In the meantime, they are ADORABLE!!!

  7. Cinderfella…bwuuhaahaaa…too funny…I see you using these for blackmail in the future…lol.
    Love them…by the way, where ya been? Haven’t seen you over in my neck of the woods for a while….

  8. Absolutely PRECIOUS pix!

    He looks like a great helper! Gotta train em young to help out!

    Be well, my friend!


  9. How funny! Mine loves the washer, too. “Are they clean, Mommy?” Lately we’ve even taken to laying under it open and pooping. Real menly men we’ve got!

  10. Adorable! I love that he lets his sister dress him – that won’t last for long, will it? Cute pictures – he’s a doll Rahcel. See you soon. Kellan

  11. Cinderfella is killing me! The pink tutu! OMG… these are hysterical Rachel!

    Love it. You have plenty of blackmail material for the day he tries to buy a six pack with a fake ID.

  12. Too funny. Snap Pea has that same “Ladies Man” shirt and he loves to wear Sweet Pea’s new pink tutu. Hmm…could I get him to load the dishwasher?

    Adorable pics!

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