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Of Monkeys, Bees, Butterflies and Tongues: Weekly Winners


Monkey the Explorer

Birds do it, Bees do it…

You Show Me Yours

Not Fluttering By

Monkey Style

Share your own Weekly Winners by joining the fun at Lotus’ place.


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  1. Your little guy with the pink hat, and my little guy with the pink purse, and we have a new blogging dynamo of the future.. LOL

    Great shots, R!

  2. As a hiker, I adore the picture of monkey ‘exploring’! The other photos are great, too, but that one just tickled me!

  3. See if you have confidence, even a pink hat looks badass. I gotta hand it to Monkey – he’s got it.

    (jonesin for my monday food porn *tap, tap, tap*)

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