She Had Her at ‘My BeBe’

As our last grand outing of the big Monkey Birthday/San Antonio Extravaganza, we took the kids to the Build A Bear Workshop in the La Cantera shopping area.
If you have a chance to take your kids to a Build A Bear, do it. We had a blast picking out ‘friends’ and outfits, oh the outfits and accessories.
Seriously y’all, it was so much fun, even Dad got into it.

After Princess picked her kitty cat, Beautiful Kit Cat and Monkey picked his Monkey, Bom Bom, they got to assist in stuffing them, giving them each a beating heart and then adding a special sewn heart that has it’s own very sweet and fun heart ceremony.

The Heart Ceremony, Monkey Style

During the heart ceremony the young lady told Princess to think of something special and then kiss the heart which will be placed in the animal’s chest.
Without missing a beat Princess says, ‘My BeBe’, kisses the heart and then placed it in the woman’s hand for her to place in ‘Kit Cat’s’ chest.

I heard a soft sigh/moan behind me and Nathan and I turned around, there we saw BeBe with her hand on her chest, eyes glistening and a silly, sweet smile on her face.
Really, we couldn’t have trained this kid better if we’d tried.

It was a perfect moment, and one that none of us, especially my mom, will ever forget.

Introducing Bom Bom and Beautiful Kit Cat


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  1. Sooooo sweet. Someone recently left a comment on my blog about my binky problem with Rhett suggesting taking all his binkies to build a bear and putting them in the bears tummy…such a fun idea and something that could be a friend forever.

  2. Build-A-Bear becomes very very addictive. We have more than 10 and every night, Child has to sleep with all of his. (Yeah, they’re not all his.) There is almost no room on his bed for him.

  3. That heart photo is adorable!

    We have the exact same princess leopard kitty…why am I not surprised? 😉

    I had denied the girls the joy of Build a Bear until early this year. I thought their little wee hearts would explode with joy over that place!

  4. Awe! Bebe must have just had a melted heart after that conversation.

    Your kids are both adorable and your little princess is a true beauty. Inside and out.

  5. WE LOVE that store! I found out about it when I was pregnant with my eldest and the nearest one to us was over an hour away, and I talked my hubby into taking me so I could make a bear for the baby. They built one far more locally by the time the boys were born, which was nice. LOL

    I LOVE the monkey. I almost chose that one for Connor right after he was born, but I’d gotten the other two kids bears and felt I’d better stick with the bear trend.

  6. I love Build A Bear and so does Alexis – she has a cute, cuddly bear. I love the monkey and adorable cat your kids chose – too sweet! One day when you come to SA you need to look me up! BTW, I saw your hubby had surgery – hope he is recovering well! Also, I am following you on Twitter, but I am not sure if you are following me, so we can’t talk!

    Have a good weekend – see you later – Kellan

  7. That is AWESOME! How sweet!

    I have to take my boys to Build a Bear. I keep telling myself that, I really will get there eventually.

  8. My son always wanted to go to B a B, but we never went because I thought 'too expensive'. He's now outgrown it, and I want to take little Melo, but feel I can't, or Trist will be totally crushed. *sigh* I hate it when I realize my failings as a mom.

    I settled for the Scholastic club where you get a mini Build a bear you assemble yourself and outfits & activity books that arrive every month. Not quite the same, but we've gotten a cheerleader and princess costume so far.

    Such a sweet story! I'm so glad you got to take your kids there!

  9. Love BABW!! We have quite the collection of furry friends from there. Emma actually wants to have her bday party there, but it’s a no go. I will not subject guests (or myself) to a mall on a Saturday in December!

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