Princess and The Floating Bodies

Let me set the scene for you

It’s an average night in the Southern Fairytale household, Dinner is sandwiches around a casually set table and the TV is playing in the background. Yes I know that’s bad, but I’m tired, Nate’s tired and I just didn’t notice. It’s playing a movie by the name of Dante’s Peak.
I have never seen it so I ask Nate if it’s kid appropriate and he gives a tiny shrug and a half nod, ‘yes’.

I glance up at the TV and see two dead, burned bodies in a body of water. Before I can process this…

Cue Princess.

Princess: “They’re dead, they drowned”

Nathan: “Yes, honey they’re dead but they didn’t drown. They were burned by the heat from a volcano boiling the water, do you know what a volcano is?”

Princess gives Nathan a scathing look

Princess: “Volcanoes spew hot boiling lava”

I’m giggling on the other side of the table

Princess: “Why were they floating?”

Nathan: “When bodies are dead, they float”

I should interject here to tell you our Boxer died in May from heart failure. We buried him in our backyard

Princess: “Dad, we have water running over where Rocky (the boxer) is all the time and he never floats.

Princess turns away from him in disgust. I choke on my sandwich and Nathan just sits there dumbfounded.

Close Curtain on another glorious night in the Southern Fairytale household.


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    There’s nothing like introducing kids to rotting corpses.

    That being said, my kid must have learned from TV that he should kiss girls on the mouth since that’s what he did today. *sigh*

  2. OK, that is hilarious! I just bet she’s going to be watching for a floating dog next time a big rain storm comes!

    And I just LOVE the face she’s making. I’m soooo familiar with that “Gosh, don’t you know anything” look. Sweet Pea is working on it daily!

  3. OMG. I am not sure how I would have handled that one…. Fun dinner time conversation for sure…..

  4. Oh, dear. Nate! You know better. I’m glad the scary part didn’t upset her more. And, way to score on Daddy, Princess.

  5. Love the pic of Princess – What a “Well, duh!” moment! LOL
    BTW, I won Andrea Askowitz’ book in your blog contest, and received it from her yesterday. Thanks again for hosting the contest, it’s so exciting to win!

  6. HA! That is hilarious. Glad we’re not the only household that has some strange dinner conversations! 🙂

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