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So, my favorite infomercial of all time: The SHAMWOW guy. Seriously, he could sell me anything and I’d buy it and believe it. He’s so dang quirky and funny and LOUD!!

Now, one of the one’s that always made me raise my eyebrow, and there are many, was the Smooth Away commercial. You know the one, where you sandpaper away your hair, the one where you see the girl on the street miraculously and easily ‘smooth away’ the hair on her arms.

I’m a tad naive (shut up) and often gullible (seriously, be quiet) and Nathan has laughed at me, loudly, more than once over my interest in this product. You shave, you know why it interested me.

So, when I got the e-mail from the fuel my blog people about reviewing this, I was on it faster than you can say ‘Jack Diddly Squat’

So, it came in the mail and I was all giddy and silly and ripped it open, then realized, I had shaved that day. Figures, right?
Damn Murphy.

So, I waited it out another day or two and then tried it.
{crickets chirping}
Tried it again, different spot
{crickets chirping louder}
tried AGAIN

Nothing. A bit of ashy looking skin, and a spot that was kind of smoother, but not really.
Cue major disappointment.

I was not about to try it on my arms because HI, I’ve seen what happens when I shaved my legs and I’ve seen friends who’ve shaved their arms and umm… no. Thanks, but no.  I’m not talking underarms, I’m talking top of the arms here. just to clarify

So, Nathan came home, he tried it on his arm (he’s not super hairy, but he has dark, dark hair) nothing. He tried again, clockwise, counterclockwise, we looked like total tools studying these instructions, but nothing.

I hate to write negative reviews, but I pride honesty above all else, so.

In my opinion… The Smooth Away System, it’s a big Fail Whale.
At least for me, who knows if it worked for someone else…

*so lesson learned to all pitchers, don’t pitch me, unless you aren’t afraid of honesty

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  1. Conair actually makes an electronic one of these things that has a head that spins like an electric sander… While it took the hair away (as well as a few dozen or so layers of skin), the results were VERY short-lived. Plus, since it was basically burning off the hair (and the few dozen or so layers of skin), you had to pay really close attention to all of the warnings like no lotion, no wetness, no food after midnight… So I know your pain, hon.

    Good thing I only paid three dollars for it at Big Lots. And you got yours free. So it’s all good, I think. LOL

    Judith Shakespeare’s latest briliance..Of Men, Boys, and Other Novelties of Nature

  2. Seriously, I thought about buying this after I gored myself shaving my legs in the shower the other day. I guess I’ll stick with Band-Aids.

    Sammanthia’s latest brilianceRandom Tuesday Thoughts: Part I

  3. awe…and it looks so cool on TV – I was really hoping you were going to say it worked and I would have been heading to the store right now! 🙁

  4. I ADORE that ShamWow guy and practically beg my husband to buy it every time we see the commercial. Alas, nothing yet. Thanks for trying this product, though. Remember the Epilady? Nothing like ripping sensitive hair out by the roots!!

    Gertgirl75’s latest brilianceAlmost 6 months!

  5. I love an honest review! Sometimes I really wonder about these fabulous items that everyone raves about. I mean – if I was given something for free – I’d be more likely to rave about it. If I had to pay for it, my enthusiasm would undoubtedly drop several notches…

    Kate Coveny Hood’s latest brilianceSpecial Needs

  6. I totally got sucked in and bought one too. I used it and it did work, but it definitely wasn’t as smooth as shaving. I also felt like the paper was done by the time I finished the bottom half of both legs, so that could be annoying. I’m posting about my experience next week!

    Rachael’s latest brilianceThe Waiting is the Hardest Part

  7. My skin is so sensitive that I try to make sure that the clothes I wear will be soft – I couldn’t even begin to think about the sandpaper treatment. My skin hurt watching the commercial! LOL I have been wondering about that product though – thanks for the review!

    Kristin’s latest brilianceOne Dollar

  8. Wow, I too would have run out and bought it like I did with the Tweez-Ez! Big disappointment! I get a few hairs on the chin area every now and then and thought, wow, this would be great for my little problem. I bought that Tweez-Ez and nearly electricuted myself to death! That thing hurt so bad and I didnt stick around to see if it removed the hair, which it didnt by the way. Needless to say, it’s in the drawer with my other gadgets that I’ve ordered from the “As seen on TV” basket of tricks!

  9. I wassn’t sure if Smooth Away would work for me. I bought at Walgreens and asked the lady if it really did work-she said a lot of people had been buying it, but to keep my receipt in case.
    So, I did. It doesn’t work on as many areas as I’d hoped, but it works enough for me to keep it. It was $10, and for that I can use one pad to remove hair from both my arms (I have dark hair and pale white skin). I use it on my face (i was really scared to try that but i did) so i use it on tiny hairs around my lip and chin, and a little ‘sideburn’ on sides of my face.
    It also works on my upper thinner thigh hair, but on the courser hair of my lower legs and underarms, nope. I bought this thing about 5 weeks ago and am just now needing to redo my arms. I will say it’s a little time consuming, and for my thighs if I pull my skin a little more taut it works better.
    I’ve been wanting laser removal forever but $$$, so, 10$ for multiple uses for my arms face and thighs is good enough.

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