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A Look at Notes from a Garage Sale

Garage SaleI’m having a garage sale tomorrow.  I planned it two weeks ago, when we were still wearing shorts and t-shirts and the weather was typical Corpus.  I am having a garage sale tomorrow and today, today it sleeted in Corpus.  Let’s say that again.  Sleet. South Texas.  These two don’t go together very often.  The low tonight is predicted to be 29. TWENTY NINE degrees Farenheit.  People.. my son is 3 years old and it hasn’t been that cold here his entire life.

Murphy, you and I… not so much with the friendship.

My darling husband is currently out getting me a heater from a friend of ours.  That heater is going to be my saving grace tomorrow.

Preparing for tomorrow’s garage sale got me thinking about the garage sale that I had last year with two of my friends.  It was an interesting experience, to say the least…

I thought that in honor of my apparent insanity (doing the same thing and expecting a different result) I would share my garage sale post from last year with y’all.

I hope you enjoy and I sincerely hope that my experience this year… is better than last year.

Dear Garage Sale attendees:

* It is considered rude, tacky and unbelievably obnoxious to ring a person’s doorbell at 8PM two nights before the actual sale to ask for a preview.

* It is tasteless, obnoxious and terribly inconsiderate to ring someone’s doorbell at 8AM the day before the actual sale, especially if you are the same person who rang the doorbell the night before.

* It is even more obnoxious after doing the previous two bullet points, to then NOT EVEN show up at the garage sale.

* It is perfectly acceptable to haggle and try to bargain on prices, it’s even kind of fun. It is not, however, okay to STEAL Courtney’s favorite lace up jeans because you didn’t like the price she quoted you. That is just WRONG!

* If there should happen to be a trailer full of the garage sale holder’s trash on the other side of the driveway, it is very polite to ask them if you can take stuff off of there. It is, however, extraordinarily rude to STEAL a person’s laundry basket, fill it with stuff from the trailer and take off with it.

* If the garage sale notices say 8AM to Noon, it does not mean that you can come by at 12:45, knock on the door and ask if you can have all the leftovers for $1.
Yes, really.

* Please do not bring a bag full of dimes and pennies, buy $8 worth of stuff and then count each individual coin out. If you drive a $30,000 car, you can afford more than one plastic bag, possibly even the coin wrappers.

* To all who hold garage sales and post signs in the neighborhood. It is very tacky to leave your garage sale signs up for days and even weeks after your garage sale has occurred. You live here, take pride in your neighborhood people.

Thank you for your time.



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  1. These are all the reasons why I don’t have garage sales. I just pile all my crap in my house and wait for Hoarders to show up for my episode.
    .-= Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]´s last blog ..This? Is not OK: Jersey Shore Edition =-.

  2. LOL!!!

    Too funny, but oooooh so true!

    I can’t believe that people actually stole stuff. That’s like trying to return something to the Goodwill.

    I love when people are shopping at your sale and have the ….nerve, to make snide comments about your stuff.

    The best is when i was selling all my baby gear (swing, bouncy seat etc) and this woman and her mom were leaving and just carrying on abut how crazy I must be to think that a pack-n-play priced at $45 would sell. A woman overheard them and actually ran to me to snatch it up quick!!!

    .-= Kim´s last blog ..MerryChristNewYeValentiStPatEast4thHallowThansMerryChrist =-.

  3. Wow…just wow. I haven’t had a garage sale since I was much younger so I haven’t experienced these things – I don’t know how I would react to any of that. Thinking maybe I won’t have a garage sale anytime soon!
    .-= Michelle Smiles´s last blog ..Advent Tree =-.

  4. Oh I’ve got one. It is okay to bring your dog to a garage sale. It is rude to let him urinate on the merchandise and then run away as fast as you can.

  5. That is why I don’t like garage sales. Thank you for spelling it out. It seems that people with th eworst manners emerge at the mention of a garage sale. By the way I did learn a trick to sales years ago. If you actually try to display things you tend to sell more. Put like things together and like colors and try to create themes. It worked when I did it at my mother’s sale. Good luck, make lots of money and above all else, stay warm!

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