40 Days: The End


My first ever 40 Days of any kind of challenge, and it was for a wonderful cause:  Blood Water Mission: 40 Days of Water

I didn’t give up all my additional beverages, not completely, but I made a concentrated effort to drink MORE WATER and every time I poured a glass of filtered water from our pitcher – I said a prayer of thanks.

Every time I stopped at the store and bought a bottle of water, I said another prayer of thanks that I live somewhere that I can do that.  I don’t worry about my kids drinking out of the hose on hot summer days, I don’t worry about them sticking their mouth under the faucet to quench their thirst.  MY children aren’t at risk of dying or contracting HIV due to contaminated water, and for that.. I am immensely grateful.

Water is something that we take for granted, but I’m trying my best to not do it as much, and to ensure that my own kids understand how lucky they are.

Perhaps when they’re older we will do as my Sister in Law has done and go to an impoverished country to help dig wells and serve – hopefully by the time they’re old enough, that won’t be necessary.  One can hope, and in addition to hoping – we can take action.

You can use your voice to raise awareness, you can donate once, or become a community builder (as I’ve done) and donate monthly.

Your dollar, your cup of coffee, your soda, it means clean water to someone else.


Take a minute, take 5 minutes:  watch the videosread the blog – donate and save lives.


*full disclosure – I was offered compensation for my participation in this program: I asked them to donate the compensation to Blood Water Mission’s 40 Days of Water instead.

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  1. This is a wonderful project and I am really very grateful that you posted about it. I totally agree that we take water far too much for granted.

    I know about Blood Water Mission through Jars Of Clay but wasn’t aware of this challlenge.

    Thanks for posting about something so important and here’s hoping you inspire others like me to take the challenge too.

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