And It’s Not Even My Birthday

I remember when Nathan and I were meeting with the pastor before our wedding and he gave us a couple of questionnaires to fill out and then had us tell each other a few of things that made us fall in love with the other.
Nathan said he loved that I wrote him little notes and surprised him at work with special lunches.
I want to continue the note writing, and yet 11 years later, those notes are far and few between.
Because life keeps coming along and sweeping me away in it’s tidal wave of dirty diapers, ant bites, growing pains, laundry, bathrooms and housework.

The power of the written word, just a small heartfelt note jotted on a napkin, is unbelievable. It can be a balm to the soul, a boost to someone a bit down on themselves, or a reminder that you are a gift, a blessing, a joy and treasure to someone special.

My husband turned what he loved about me 11 years ago, around on me.
The other morning I woke up and checked my e-mails, there was an e-mail that brought tears to my eyes, an e-mail that I never expected to see, ever.
You have to understand, my husband is about actions, not words.  He picks out cards by Hallmark that say it for him and then writes a brief note to me.  He tells me daily that he loves me with his actions, his words and his kisses.  I know his love language and his actions are more priceless than a notebook full of sonnets…
But then, I got this… for no reason at all, and I reverted back to being 20 and in awe, giggly, butterfly fluttery, twitterpated kind of ooey gooey, chocolate hearts and fizzy feelings.

My wife is beautiful, courageous and smart,

She is selfless and caring and has a big heart.

My wife is outgoing, and so loves to cook,

And after a long day, enjoys relaxing with a good book.

I have been blessed now for the past 11 years,

You have enriched my life and settled my fears.

You are a wonderful mother and our children are blessed,

You are molding their lives to endure many tests.

So know that I love you, more than my words could convey,

I am privileged to be able to come home to you each day.

I love you,


This poem from my non-writing husband is enough for every birthday, mother’s day and anniversary to come.

Nathan, I love you more than words and I promise to try to be a bit more like that 19 year old girl that you fell in love with and asked to marry you.

You make me happier than I ever imagined.  I am more proud of you than you may realize.

Every cliche’d love song, every sappy card, every I love you.. then now and always.

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  1. Awwww! This is so sweet! My hubby is like yours as far as showing he loves with actions and not words. I could only wish to get a poem. I forwarded him your post.

  2. That is so sweet!!!!! It’s the little things that make us just melt into their arms, isn’t it? What a sweet man you have, girl! {Hugs} 🙂

  3. I am totally tearing up. He’s a keeper for sure. The fact that he stepped out of his comfort zone and wrote something so sweet for you is awesome.

    Happy almost Mother’s Day.

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