While reading the gloriously heartbreaking and beautifully eloquent post by Mr. Lady, which you must read and then come right back here, or stay here and then go there, whatever I was reminded of something I had written 3 years ago after we lost my mother in law.
I wrote it for her mom, Grace, who is the most appropriately named woman I have ever met, Amazing Grace she is.

I wanted to share it with you today and I hope that it speaks to you as it does to me.


The halo may be tarnished
The wings a little tattered
The heart that lies beneath
Sometimes may be battered
The truth that lies within
Cannot be ignored
The light that shines
The glow that blinds
Those who know to look
Those who choose to see
Tattered wings caress
Gentle smiles do bless
The love shines from within
It’s true source from up above
The purest light of all
The light of God’s own Love
Though you are not perfect
And some choose not to see
God chooses angels carefully
For his work on earth they’ll do
He knows that tattered wings
And battered hearts
Are always strong and true.

by Rachel 2005

Week 11 (inspired)

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  1. thanks for sharing that post… and your piece is poetically beautiful! it’s hard, in those times, to find words…

    misty’s latest brilianceSurprise, surprise…

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