Giveaways and a Bonus!

So it’s been a bit over a week since The Big Reveal and y’all are just the most supportive, gracious and wonderful people.

I simply adore my new look, and I have the talented and lovely Deanna to thank for it.

As part of my reveal – Deanna graciously offered up a $150 credit to her Design Chicky site for one of my readers

I loved reading your dreams for your own sites – I love seeing where your hearts are leading you 🙂



I’m so excited to announce that the winner of the $150 Design Chicky credit is Rebecca from Foodie With Family


Don’t GO! Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean there isn’t something awesome for you, too!  Remember the title?

Well, there is a bonus…

SO many of y’all had little things, little tweaks, minor changes that y’all wanted to make to your blogs that Deanna texted me with a BONUS offer for y’all!

Are y’all ready?

Seriously ready, because this is awesome.

Deanna, who is quite simply one of the most wonderful and generous people whom I’ve ever known… well….

She is now offering $50 off any purchase of $100 or more from Design Chicky!!!!!!!

When you contact her – just use the code SouthernFairytale50 and voila!

Thank y’all for being so wonderful, and when you go to Deanna (and you will)  tell her I sent you 🙂

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