Here’s to Kindergarten

Remember when Princess started Kindergarten?

I can’t believe that it’s Monkey’s turn.

For the first time, both kids will be in the same school.

This will not happen again until Princess is a Senior and Monkey is a Freshman.

My brain can’t even comprehend those ages

I’m so excited for this school year, so many firsts, so much fun, so many memories.

This is Monkey’s first ‘big kid’ school.

This is Princess’ year as the ‘big dog on campus’

I have some special things planned for their first days of school —

I’m going to take a picture of them and have them tell me 5 facts about themselves, I’m going to print those facts on their pictures and give them to their teachers for Meet The Teacher night and save a copy for myself, of course 😉

I have lunch box notes picked out for their lunch boxes, because I remember how much the daily encouragements and sweet notes that my mom left in my lunch box every day meant to me.

Every first day of school, I make an extra special breakfast. This year, not only will they wake up to an extra special breakfast,  Princess and Monkey will both have adorable Hallmark Bug ‘Em Bugs filled with school supplies and extra treats and a special card at their place on the first day of school.


We also let the kids pick a special “out to eat” place for the first day of school, I’m thinking the one whose breakfast wish doesn’t get chosen gets to pick dinner. 🙂

I have stacks of cards for the kids’ teachers, the kids and their friends for this year.

There is just something about the written word, sliding open an envelope, running your hands over someone else’s words and holding a card in your hands…


Do you have any special back to school traditions?  Any first day of school must do’s?


Thank you, Hallmark, for choosing me as one of their “Life Is A Special Occasion” bloggers and allowing my life and stories to be a part of their Life is A Special Occasion program. While I am compensated for my work with Hallmark as a Life is A Special Occasion ambassador, everything posted is original and real and from our life

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  1. Woohoo! Monkey is starting kindergarten! I can remember when Princess started school. This is very exciting. I hope they both have a wonderful school year. And hugs to you, this is a huge milestone for mom too.

  2. So cute — I’m not sure what I’m doing for our first day (which is Sept 4th). Granted, they’re both still in preschool, but I’d love to make the day special…. last year, our first ever “First Day of School” was 3 days after my baby was born and I was NOT up for anything special. I’d like to make up for it this year and make the first day memorable.

  3. I love this!! Though my kids are SO OLD NOW (17 and 20!), our tradition has always been the requisite picture-before-leaving-for-the-first-day-of-school. My younger son is a high school senior this year (egads!) so I get to do it ONE LAST TIME.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just love those notes! My little girl just started kindergarten, so sweet!! And my son is the big boy on campus 🙂

  5. Congratulations and hugs all at the very same time 🙂 My little bird is starting pre-school this year and I have a small ache in my heart for the time that has flown by but alas very excited for what the future holds. God Bless Rachel

  6. I love all these things. My little angel is starting her kindergarten stage already and I love to make this one for her.

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