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Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Chipotles in Adobo Sauce are one of my very favorite kitchen staples – smoky, sweet, subtle slow heat… what’s not to love?

Add in some honey to balance the slow burn from the chipotles and it’s one of my very favorite flavor combinations.

With Labor day coming up and barbecue grills across the country firing up in celebration… I knew this was the perfect time to share with y’all one of my very favorite and quite honestly – easiest- grilled chicken recipes.

Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken


I believe grilled chicken should be juicy and tender – I think we can all agree on that point – however, I also believe that it should be lovingly brushed with a ridiculously delicious and savory, sticky sauce as soon as it’s pulled off the grill.

I am firmly in the finger licking camp when it comes to grilled chicken.

Who’s with me?  Let’s see a show of hands… er… um… comments?

Traditionally, when we grill chicken, we grill drumsticks or thighs or leg quarters… however I love grilled chicken breasts, they’re phenomenal the first night and sliced up cold over salads or in wraps the next day…. oh yes!

For this recipe, I recommend chicken breasts, unless you plan on having NO leftovers – then chicken wings, thighs, leg quarters, drumsticks… y’all go crazy and pick your favorite


I’m sure y’all are planning some major grilling events this weekend.

It’s a 3 day weekend, after all,  which is just one more day for grilling and friends and family…

If you want something easy, delicious and totally finger licking good – I urge y’all to try this Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken.



You don’t need much – just honey, chipotles in adobo sauce and some chicken to grill…


Once you’ve realized how utterly perfect the marriage of chipotles and honey is…

I’d like to suggest to y’all that once you grill your chicken and get ready to serve it, that you pair it with Nathan’s favorite beans.



Bush’s Grillin’ Beans Southern Pit Barbecue  are about as close to homemade smoked beans as you can get, without hours of work and a whole lot of talent.

The sweet smokiness of these beans pair perfectly with the spicy-sweet-smoky-heat juicy Honey Chipotle grilled chicken.

Okay – I’ve teased and tempted y’all enough.

Here’s the recipe for my Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken


I cannot tell y’all enough how much y’all need to make this – if you’re heat sensitive, cut the amount of chipotles in half

(but really – don’t because this isn’t spicy)

but y’all are going to do what you want, aren’t ya?

I have a compensated partnership with Bush’s Grillin’ Beans. While this post is part of that compensated partnership, the excitement over this relationship and recipe is 100% real and unsponsored


Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken

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Prep Time:15 mins
Cook Time:15 mins
Total Time:30 mins


  • 1 small can chipotles in adobo
  • 1/2 C honey
  • 5 to 6 chicken breasts
  • optional fresh green onions chopped


  • In a Ninja, blender, food processor, bowl... blend together one can of chipotles in adobo sauce and the honey.
  • Pour half of this mixture over the chicken breasts in a zip lock baggie
  • Smoosh and squeeze the chicken and honey chipotle sauce until fully covered
  • Place in a refrigerator and marinate for several hours
  • Grill the chicken over medium coals or on the low side of a high/low gas grill until thoroughly cooked. I do not ever cook chicken without a thermometer nearby - I suggest y'all don't either
  • Once the chicken is moments from being removed from the grill - brush with the set aside honey chipotle mixture
  • Let the chicken rest for at least 5 minutes - brush with the honey chipotle mixture, again
  • Just prior to serving, top with fresh chopped green onions


** If you are sensitive to heat - start with 1/2 Can of Chipotles, or even just a few chipotles** This is a smoky hot dish 😉 we like it that way, but I don't want you to sear your tastebuds!
Author: Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

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  1. I’m into finger-licking grilled chicken too…is there any other way?! I’m a huge sucker for a squash sauté that my mom always made with milk. Sounds super weird but it’s delicious and a great way to use up all that summer squash!

  2. My husband’s ribs are my favorite. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  3. My favorite thing for labor day would be a big juicy steak on the grill, preferrable of the ribeye variety!

  4. My favorite grilling recipe would have to be Fajitas. I love Fajitas with fresh tortillas. I also have to say I would go with Texas Ranchero flavor. Can’t have a South Texas BBQ without beans.

  5. Best Labor Day Weekend recipe? Baked beans with a splash a Bourbon–the flavor is top notch.

    This recipe looks fantastic and I know my husband would approve, which is always a thing at my house.

  6. I just got some chicken drumsticks to test out on the grill! I am going to try this. Yum. My favorite go-to grill item is skewered shrimp for a party, burgers for an easy, casual meal.

  7. And for my bonus entry–I will say my favorite flavor is the Bourbon and Brown Sugar–save me a step in my cooking process! Although that black bean medley is also looking pretty great. . .

  8. My favorite recipe on the grill is just a plain old cheeseburger (adding avocado afterwards, of course), but I’ve been wanting to try pizza on the grill.

  9. Grilled salmon covered with dill, wala-wala onions and lemons plus baby potatoes and more onions 🙂
    Grilled it all in foil last night – it was awesome!

  10. My favorite grilling recipe – Rub boneless, skinless chicken breasts with Penzey Spices Galena Street Rub. Then grill to desired doneness. The rub adds a fantastically good Southern touch to the grilling. I pair it with home-made coleslaw (well, sorta home-made –I make the dressing and pour it over packaged coleslaw), grilled corn-on-the cob or cornbread.

  11. I’m not a big fan of grillin’ beans (sorry), but I love the baked beans, especially the vegetarian ones. Not because they taste the best (because that would be the bacon flavored) but because my daughter is vegetarian so we can both eat them. And cooking out? I love a good burger, but chicken breasts with a nice spicy bbq sauce would have to be my absolute fav. And I will definitely try this recipe – I love chipotle in adobe, too. It’s so good in everything

  12. Wow! This recipe is amazing…now I’m seriously craving it!

    My favorite labor day grilling recipe is everything! I love veggies, chicken, beef, you name it, I’ll eat it!

  13. We just tried Bush’s Grillin Beans tonight for dinner. We tried the Steakhouse Recipe. It was good. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors too.

  14. My favorite labor day recipe would have to be the classic burgers and dogs. There really is nothing better then burgers and dogs grilled outside on a warm day. Nowadays toppings have gone far beyond mustard and relish ! It’s so much fun to try new toppings combinations .

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