It all started with the fire

Prairie Fire that is. The official (apparently) 21st birthday shot of the Aggie Crowd. Prairie fire is Tabasco and Tequila. Is your stomach hurting just thinking about it? Mine was. No, you crazy kids I did not take one!! I took a sweet little buttery nipple girlie shot, Thank you very much. It was surreal standing in a bar taking a shot with my baby brother.

Some people were acting like this, so maybe that’s why it’s hung up in the bar?

Yes, there’s just a smidgeon of a family resemblance wouldn’t you say?
Aren’t my brothers adorable? I think so! We had fun. I love my boys!!

Yes ladies. He’s hot, he’s sweet, he’s generous and he’s all mine!!!!

The night was a lot of fun. Good friends, family and a cool Texas night. I realize how old and out of it I am. There I was in my sweater, jeans and boots and there were all these little chippies stumbling around in stilettos, jeans and barely there tops with their bleached teeth, bleached hair and orange bodies. But my favorite was the girl who couldn’t figure out if she was going to the beach or the tundra. Picture this: 5 feet nothing. Skimpy little tank under a virtually see through top, shorts that left nothing and I mean nothing to the imagination (that’s the beach part) and then… wait for it… white furry ugly Ugg boots that went halfway up her calves. Ladies and gentlemen it was horrendous. Hair by Clorox, Teeth by Clorox, Skin by Future Leather Makers of America and outfit by Schizophrenics R Us. It was crazy.
Oh well, all in all it was a great evening and weekend.
Have a great one!!

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  1. That shot makes my stomach hurt thinking about it. I love brother/sister time. We don’t get much of it anymore.

  2. I know, I feel old too! Once upon a time, I used to be that Barbie… That’s okay, I’m perfectly fine with being in bed by 11! And how cute are you and your hubs!!

  3. Hair by Clorox, Teeth by Clorox, Skin by Future Leather Makers of America and outfit by Schizophrenics R Us. It was crazy.

    LOL girl!!!

    You all are so cute.

    Yea for girly shots! Amen!

  4. Oh, what fun!!! I hate to admit that that tabasco shot sounds like something I’d like!

    Love the pics!

  5. Praire fire? Whay in the name of all that is good and holy would someone drink that?

    1. Ugg boots make me want to vomit.

    2. You are adorable.

  6. And that is the next generation at it’s finest. Ladies, I don’t think we have much to worry about. Or maybe we do…

  7. You’re all hotter than a Prairie Fire!

    The last time I did a Prairie Fire, my eyes, nose and mouth would not stop watering for an hour. Dangerous lil buggers.

  8. Girls like that convince me that I should keep my teenage boy in a little bubble locked in the house. *sigh*

    Frankly, it scares me that that is what I might end up with for a daughter-in-law.

  9. Minor correction: Prairie fire is just tequila and tabasco.

    @ honeybell: Why would anyone take that shot? Because it’s deee-licious.

    And yes, even though I’m a straight male with standard hormones, even I was offended by that outfit.

  10. Oh, my stomach is killing me just thinking about it. :S

    And? My alma matter are “Aggies” too, (Utah State U.)


  11. Prarie Fire…that made me queasy just reading about it! Although I used to do a lot of Gold Rushes – goldschlager & cuervo. Ick! How did I do that?
    Sounds like a fun time!

  12. I like Tequila.
    I like Vodka.
    I would NEVER do that shot!

    I don’t get the uggs with short shorts either. But if her goal was to get attention, mission accomplished.

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