It’s Never Dull in The Fairytale Household

Or: Why We Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Public.

We have had many bloody incidents in this family: There was the time Princess attacked the fireplace and When Monkey tried to shave his tongue, but all these incidents happened at home. We had a doozie last night, in public.
I call this one: Monkey vs The BBQ pit.

As a part of Nathan’s birthday/valentine’ gift I got him a gift card to Academy so that he could buy himself a Kayak that he’s been drooling over. The plan was to meet him up there, get his kayak and then go have dinner. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… We got to Academy and went into the back room where they keep all the kayaks, Princess took off running when she saw him and Monkey followed suit.
Except Monkey didn’t follow Princess exactly, he ran a bit to the left, but he ran, full speed and didn’t see the grate jutting out from one of the bbq pits.


THWANG. the sound of Monkey’s head slamming into the grate
SMACK. the sound Monkey’s body made slamming into the ground.
SCREAM. the sound from Monkey’s mouth, bloodcurdling and frightened

I ran to him and saw it, the gaping bloody slash just below his eyebrow. His eyebrow had been split open.

Monkey Head Owie

The people at Academy were wonderful. They were quick to action, very caring and wonderful with the kids.

Monkey’s head bled like you wouldn’t believe and puffed up within seconds. He looked like he’d gone a couple of rounds with Tyson, but true to form once he got over the initial pain and fright… he was charming everyone and talking.
“I owie” “I boo boo” “I do it Mommy” He wouldn’t let us blot the blood anymore, he wanted to do it. Then he would grin at us and look at the blood on the napkin “Yook Mommy, Owie, I do it”

He is recovering well today and although his eye is puffy and the gash is less than pretty, it’s healing, he’s recovered and the only casualty was my sweater and the little piece of my sanity that shook loose when I saw my son flying backwards and slamming into the ground.

The Day After

day after 2

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  1. OH, NO, RACHEL!! I’m sooo feelin’ his pain! And yours! I’m SO sorry he got whacked (and so close to his eye…DOUBLE YIKES).

    He’ll have fun stories to make up about his scar down the road, but right now, I’m just proud of him for being a tough guy.

    Man, being a mom ain’t for sissies!


  2. awww.. poor monkey 🙁

    Hope he feels better soon.. don’t be surprised if that turns 42 shades of purple, blue, black and yellow over the next couple of weeks!

  3. Wow! Aren’t boys fun? I have 3 little boys ages 3 – 7 and we pretty much just have an open tab with our local ER. When my oldest boy was 2 we actually had 2 ER visits AND a search and rescue in a 14 day span. The search and rescue and 2nd ER visit were just a day apart. All for the same child. My boys are fearless and think they are invincible. As my pediatrician told me, “Jennifer, boys are just wired differently.”
    Hope you have a good day!

    Jennifer’s latest brilianceBoys’ Bathroom Makeover

  4. ok I just went back and read the tongue-shaving story and can I just say OH MY GOD WHAT IS WITH YOUR KIDS??? 🙂 It reminds me of that kid from babysitters club (were you part of that generation, too? I suspect so), who they called The Walking Disaster.

    You are such a trooper for not panicking with these injuries. And THEY are such troopers for smiling bravely for the camera.

    I’m amazed, honestly!

    Erin G’s latest brilianceHow Many Generations Does it Take to Make a Beach Weekend?

  5. OUCH!!! Connor did something similar to his eye a month ago. He walked around with a giant black, swollen eyebrow for weeks! HUGS to Monkey. What a brave little boy!

  6. Oh my goodness. That is definitely not a dull moment. Poor, poor Monkey.

    Izzy runs to daddy, too, and she almost always gets hurt (smashed her face into the keys in his pocket, tripped on a chair and fell, etc).

  7. Poor Monkey! At least he took it well- as well as taking several years off of your life

    Chelsea/PB&J In A Bowl’s latest briliance

  8. Blood will do that to you! Glad he’s okay and such a brave big boy.

    Ree’s latest brilianceShirt and Shoes Required

  9. awwwww- I think I need to send you boo boo bunnies for monkey and princess! We’ve had many “incidents” in the Ferrucci family too. The Mr. always whipped out the duct Hope he’s feeling better.

    Rachel Ferrucci

    Oragnic Sugar Scrubs’s latest brilianceSugar Scrubs

  10. @monkey’s Uncle UM NO. because Monkey didn’t have a rug PULLED out from under him by a younger sibling, I”m just sayin’.


    Not that you’d do anything like that

  11. Girl, don’t lie… you know you whacked him with a 2 by 4 for messing with your Lucy does Dallas pumps. I know how you do…


    Give Monkey Boy some sugar from Sugar… sweet baby. So cute with the pucker!!

    Sugar Jones’s latest brilianceLove Is In The Air… or something corny like that

  12. I’m late but I’m here??!

    And my little boy has the matching Trainwreck on his same eyebrow!! Drs requested that we not let him get sunburned so he needed a hat all summer.. turns out he was thrilled to wear hats? Who knew!

    Sorry about that?? Little boys huh?

    gosh he’s cute!!

  13. Yikes! You know I can feel your terror while reading that because I have my own little accident-prone adventurous monkey. Glad he’s okay.

    Did you get the kayak?

    Bren’s latest brilianceFor My Love

  14. Are u *sure* this wasn’t at school? Just sayin….

    My middle son cracked his head open when he was about the same age! It is so much more traumatic on us, though. They had to put him in a straight jacket to hold his arms down (which should have been saved for me, honestly). I was bawling worse than he was!!

    But, those lips are cutie-pie kissable in that pic and it says he’s o-tay! That is a great consolation!!

    Andrea @’s latest brilianceWhat Beauty Really Means to Me

  15. @Rachel: It wasn’t a rug, it was a tinkertoy that got ROLLED in front of…er, I mean, I have absolutely no idea what you could be referring to.

  16. Awh, poor monkey! Put some Aloe Vera gel on that once it heals a bit more and there won’t be any scar at all…course, then he won’t have anything to show his buddies when his older when they are all sitting around trading “check out my scar” stories!

    My kids are 9 and 5 and are already doing the “my scar is better then your scar” bit…

    Hugs to you mom! Put your heart back in your chest! He will survive!

    The Mad White Woman’s latest brilianceWhat is it with microwaved liquids?

  17. Oh this takes me down memory lane…

    … to when Jock fell out a 2nd story window when he was almost 5, or
    … to when Jock got the tip of his finger just about severed off in his bike chain when he was 10, or
    … to when Bug has first attempted ANY of his self-designed bike stunts and failed to factor in gravity

    I love being a mom to boys! Never a dull moment, and lots of really cool scars to show off as a teenager. I have it on good authority that girls are really into them. 😉

    Sports Mama’s latest brilianceA Sad Day in Sandwich-dom, Apparently

  18. Oh, what is it with little boys? I swear, my son is an accident a minute.

    That is a mighty impressive gash. It does remind me of the tongue shaving incident (which still totally gives me the heebie-jeebies). I’m not even sure I left a comment on that post because I couldn’t bear looking at that photo again!

    Glad that it was just a gash though, and nothing more serious!

    Michelle@Life with Three’s latest brilianceHow to Make Cute Hair Clips *With Giveaway*

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