Johnsonville: No Ordinary Burger

Not your ordinary burger

See that scrumptious looking burger up there?

I need to tell you a secret about it, it’s not a burger.  It’s a Johnsonville Bratwurst Patty



Now, here’s where I tell y’all.. I’m that person at a bbq who has both a brat and a burger on her plate because I can’t ever decide which I want more.

Also, frozen burger patties are something I have previously stuck my nose up at because no matter how much you grill freezer burn… you can still taste it.

phew.  Now that’s off my chest – let’s move on.

I was contacted about the opportunity to work with the National Pork Board to taste test these new Patties, which are available exclusively at Walmart, and create a recipe around them – I was skeptical, but I’m always open to a challenge and I do adore Brats.

I bought the original Bratwurst patties at Walmart, stuck them in our freezer, went outside and lit our smallest charcoal pit.
lit bbq pit

While the pit was heating up, I sliced up two jalapenos and 1 white onion and made a grillin’ packet.

jalapenos and onions for brat patties

Once the briquets were beautifully ashy, I placed the grillin’ packet and the patties on the grill and let them cook for about 15 minutes, turning them all once ( I should have turned them more to get those beautiful crossing grill lines, but c’est la vie)

not your ordinary burger grill

I brought the patties and packet inside, fought off the very large dog sniffing around my feet and decided that since these were bratwurst patties, they required mustard and sauerkraut, as well.  (nom)

I toasted a sesame bun, put mustard on the bottom bun, placed the bratwurst patty on top of that and then layered on sauerkraut and grilled jalapenos and onions.
Not your ordinary burger

I put the top bun on it, cut it in half and took a bite.

And then another one.

Y’all – I’m not quite sure what to say, it seriously isn’t like any burger you’ve ever had before.  It has the shape, the juiciness, the heft of a burger with all the spice and flavor and savoriness of a bratwurst.

Add to that the spicy jalapeno, sweet grilled onions and the cool tang from the sauerkraut; oh y’all.. y’all.

Try this, now.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 – if you like bratwursts, grilling, burgers and food – go to Walmart, pick up a box and make one (or 5).

I have plans to make these for unsuspecting friends just to watch their eyebrows raise as they try to figure out what they’re eating.

Here’s the thing, after you go get a box, cook them and love them, make sure that whatever recipe you create, you remember it and then enter it into their No Ordinary Burger Contest to win free groceries for a year with the National Pork Board and Johnsonville

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I am being compensated for writing this post, however the opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. They are SO good, Tara! I think that if I ever have leftovers (not likely) I’ll crumble them up the next morning with eggs, cheese and green onions and make an amazing scramble!

  1. I’m really hoping they have these here at our Walmart. Unfortunately our Walmarts aren’t the kind with a grocery store in them (they do have some frozen, canned & packaged stuff though so I’ll cross my fingers). But these sound good, and with the 4th of July coming up it’ll be a good excuse (not that grilling requires any excuse).

    1. WOW Deb, really? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Walmart without food! Well, these are in the frozen section, so hopefully you an get them!
      They are delish and such a neat change from traditional burgers 🙂

      1. And I’ve never seen a Walmart with food! I feel like I’ve been cheated. I actually really don’t like Walmart that much here, but I’ve been to some in other states that I love. Around here I’m more of a Target gal (we actually do have a small fresh food section in our Target stores).

  2. This is why out of all of the foodie bloggers in the whole world I only read one. Everything you write, and the pictures you choose, it’s all just so warm, and friendly, and fun, and real. I still don’t cook very much – but I heart reading your recipes. Thank you Rachel. God bless you and yours.

  3. They had samples of these a couple weekends ago here at our Wal-mart. Since then, we’ve bought three boxes. 🙂 I like brats, but I’m not a big fan of their tough skin. These are fantastic and moist! Love them! 🙂

  4. I had NO CLUE Johnsonville made burgers!!!!!!!!!! We eat their brats all the time, only ones we’ll eat! Yum~!

  5. I’m sorry, but I don’t share your enthusiasm. I’ve tried them “American burger style” with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup and mustard; and I’ve tried them with a good old fashioned Düsseldorfer Senf.
    Veggies or not, proper German mustard or not, they’re too sweet, too fatty, and just plain ick.
    I think it’s the sweetness that really kills them for me. They may be good crumbled with a lot of cabbage and other veggies, but as is they’re not very good. This is actually kind of odd for me to say, as I’m quite the carnivore, but I can’t seem to handle these things as they come from the package.
    Maybe I’m spoiled from sixteen summers in Germany eating real Bratwurst, or maybe my distaste for sugar has simply ruined them for me.
    Blah, fooey, ick!
    I’d feed them to the strays if there were any. My ferret has better taste than to touch these things!

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