Mommy’s New Hobby: PSF


My new obsession is making bows so that I can turn my daughter into a bowhead.
Next up: mastering the sewing machine.

Do you know any awesome tutorials? favorite easy beginner patterns, tricks, tips or crafts?

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  1. Well, I’d say you are pretty good at it! Those are great!

    If you need another bow head to look like a present, Izzy like to wear them (and pull them out, and put them in, and pull them out….I think you get the idea)!

    And, obviously, since I’m telling you to send me bows, I don’t know of any tutorials…good luck. I think you are definitely on to something.

    Krystyn’s latest briliancePSF-Nat is 3 months old

  2. Your bows are so beautiful!!! I used to me TONS of bows like this when my twins were small and I’m so glad to still have lots of them to share with Alexis. Good job and fun hobby!!

    Have a good weekend, Rachel – see you soon – Kellan

    Kellan’s latest brilianceMy Girls

  3. Rachel,

    I started out making table runners and stuffed animals when I was learning to sew and quilt.

    If you know how to hand embroider, you can you a hankie blankies

    My son has 2,one dog and one cat. The dog one I hand embroidered the face… that was an adventure, because I have never done it before. And the cat was machine embroidered. I am sure that you can alter the pattern to use sewn on eyes and such.
    They have new friends too:

    Here is a cute skirt pattern that looks easy.

    This is my new project when I finally get some me time:
    Sunday Dinner Aprons, sooo retro!

    Email me if you have any other questions.
    I use to work for a Bernina dealer (One OF the TOP of the line sewing machines) and we gave classes on just about everything. I taught the kids classes.

  4. WOW sorry about the length of that one.

    My oldest would like to know where you are the patterns for the hair bows.

  5. Where the heck do you find the time ?? You are so flipping talented!!!

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  6. I keep a crafts oriented blog and a librarian I’m a big proponent of checking out sewing books from the library until I find the one I want to buy (sew what skirts is one of my faves).

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  7. Those are super cute. Lily flat out refuses to wear anything in her hair–little pain in the ass. I’d love to get those on her!

    Scary Mommy’s latest brilianceIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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