Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 12}

Happy Monday, y’all!

At 7 AM today, I’m dropping Princess off for her first ever sleep-away camp!!!

The excitement level is off the charts!

We’ve spent the weekend back in the old stomping grounds with good friends and Princess has gotten some much needed soul sister time, as have I.

Since it’s a special weekend and day today, we’re throwing the normal Mouthwatering Mondays for a loop and I’m letting “the campers” choose this week’s favorites.

Monkey’s Pick:

Zebra Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Ricotta by kiddie foodies


Princess’ Pick

Blueberry Sorbet by Honest and Truly


Camper J’s pick:

Peach Banana Smoothie by Kiddie Foodies



Little Brother P’s pick:

Cinnamon Roll Waffles by Modern Christian Homemaker


Camper K’s choice:

Extra Tender BBQ Ribs by This Silly Girl’s Life



Camper J’s Pick:

Salty Caramelitas by Handmade in The Heartland



Big Sister Camper P’s pick:

Banana Spring Rolls with Caramel Sauce by Handmade in The Heartland



Thank you to my sweet guests this week! Love y’all! Have an amazing week at camp!


I can’t wait to see what y’all have been up to and making for your families!  Love seeing your eats and treats each week!


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  1. They all look delish!!!! thanks for sharing and I hope that you are alright this week while your Princess is gone. xoxoxo

  2. Love the camper’s choices of favourites – there are some terrific recipes there. Hope that Princess has a wonderful time at sleep away camp 🙂 This week I’ve shared my Cherry Almond Loaf, a really lovely cake for summer. Thank you for hosting 🙂

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